5 Amazing Law Firm Websites for Your Inspiration

Feb 5, 2021

Patrick Carver

Patrick Carver
Founder, Constellation Marketing

Is your law firm’s online presence falling behind?

Imagine catapulting your practice into the spotlight with a website that not only captivates but converts.

We’re unveiling the secrets behind the web’s most successful law firm sites. From solo practitioners to large firms, these examples shine with excellence, blending innovative design with strategic marketing to draw clients in and keep them engaged.

Your website could be the beacon that guides potential clients through their legal journey, offering clarity, confidence, and a call to action that’s impossible to ignore.

Ready to transform your online presence and reap the rewards? Let’s dive into the inspiration that will set your law firm apart.

According to an extensive survey conducted by the American Bar Association in 2019, the majority of law firms have no dedicated digital marketing budget. Of those that do, the responsibility for the bulk of their marketing efforts falls on only one or two staff members within the firm.

On average, fewer than one-third of firms overall outsource their business law firm marketing and content creation to professionals. The larger the firm, the more likely they are to engage in strategic digital marketing and outreach and to have the budget to properly fund such a large undertaking. Up to 80 percent of solo practitioners have little to no online presence or budget at all.

However, the majority of those who need legal assistance turn to the internet to find resources and representation.

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These facts demonstrate the importance of making online marketing a priority. If everyone who needs an attorney is searching online and your firm doesn’t have a site or show up in search results, how will potential clients find you?

It isn’t enough to simply build a website and hope that clients will come. Online branding and marketing are an ongoing process that is part art and part science, with a great big dollop of intuition on top.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

We aren’t suggesting that you should copy more successful law websites. However, it is smart to look at the best of the best and take note of certain features and characteristics that allow them to stand out from the crowd.

To that end, and in no particular order, here are five law firm websites that firms like yours could look to for inspiration.


1. The Waltman Firm

This website advertises the services of a solo criminal law practitioner. The site’s appearance is slick and contemporary, but it still highlights the virtues that someone in need of her services would want in a legal advocate.

The site focuses on the importance of individualized representation over the relative anonymity of clients at a larger firm, something that persons facing criminal charges and the resulting loss of freedom would want in an attorney.

In addition to an emotional appeal and their marketing strategy, this legal website features a comprehensive knowledge base, case studies and client testimonials, and a clear description of the attorney’s credentials and approach to law.


2. Manji Law

This Atlanta-based firm demonstrates its passion for legal justice throughout its website. Law firm content features images and language that’s meant to provide peace of mind and positivity in a client base that’s often scared and confused by the ever-changing field of immigration law.

Although this site has a great deal of helpful content under the hood, the homepage and menu get right to the point. The practice areas menu drops down and is further subdivided into very specific areas of immigration law so that prospective clients can get the information they need and make contact with a lawyer quickly and effortlessly. Booking a consultation is easy to achieve through several platforms, including direct online booking, and calls-to-action (CTAs) are inserted in strategic areas on every single page.


3. Patrick Griffin Law

Right on the homepage of this large criminal law firm, you’ll find a case study of a wrongful conviction that was turned around which links out to a knowledge base that takes some of the mystery out of the criminal court process. It also features social and media proof of the firm’s effectiveness and respectability.

The slant of their content is to paint the firm as a large office with access to plenty of resources that’s headed by an attorney with small-town roots and values who provides personalized, compassionate representation. The Griffin firm’s success with DUI defense is a critical selling point, too.  Images on the website reinforce this image, and the content itself is clear and concise.

What this achieves is to instill confidence in the capabilities of their criminal law practitioners to a population of people who are likely scared and confused about their fate. Who wouldn’t want an experienced personal advocate with the resources to truly get to the heart of a case?


4. The Orlando Firm

Personal injury law is one of the most potentially lucrative legal specialities, and accordingly, it is an area that has had a reputation for unscrupulous ambulance chasers.

This can create a PR problem when it comes to marketing as a personal injury firm, but The Orlando Firm is a personal injury firm has overcome it with their website. Right on the landing page, you’ll see an image of two lawyers who appear confident and approachable. Directly below this image is a clickable set of peer and industry awards, memberships, and associations. This is followed by client testimonials to further display professionalism, success, and positive results — as told by real people..

They also stress the importance of serving clients over collecting fees, which helps to further neutralize the stereotypical perception of personal injury lawyers. The purpose of this website is to focus on the availability of their legal team and the importance of putting client well-being over revenue.

Not only do they achieve this beautifully, but they also provide an easy-to-navigate practice areas section that clearly explains complex topics like the elements of a workers’ comp case or what constitutes negligence.


5. Person Law Offices

This law firm focuses on all aspects of family law, from divorce to small business ownership to immigration, so its website content highlights the importance of family ties. Because clients needing their services are often in turmoil, the tone of the website is designed to promote their professionalism and competence.

This is achieved through a neutral color palette and images of families, including a group “family” photo of their office staff. The content is direct and to the point, and the site itself is easy to navigate.

Connecting with a lawyer is also simplified via a basic contact form and contact phone number that’s strategically placed on each page of the site. It also includes a blog with helpful legal information that’s relevant to its target audience.


Final Thoughts

What goes into creating a law firm website that’s a cut above the competition? Great ideas aren’t enough to attract the kind of sustainable, relevant traffic that law firms need. You also need perfect technical execution and the kind of high-quality content that prospective clients and search algorithms alike reward with high rank and repeat business.

There is no blueprint that guarantees success, but what we suggest is that you look to websites that have a proven record of success. Then incorporate and reproduce your favorite aspects of those sites in order to capture the intangible characteristics that keep visitors coming back time and again.