5 Super Simple (and Free) Marketing Tactics

Feb 5, 2021

Patrick Carver

Patrick Carver
Founder, Constellation Marketing

Many marketing tactics that cost nothing or close to nothing can direct new business to your firm. Our guide of 40 Proven Marketing Ideas for Law Firms contains these five super simple attorney marketing ideas that you can use today.


1. Claim Your GMB

GMB stands for Google My Business, a tool provided by the search engine giant for cataloging local companies. Google often builds rudimentary listings about known businesses. You can claim your listing, verify your business identity and address, and then improve the listing. You have the opportunity to describe your services, add pictures, display Google reviews, set hours of operation, and add contact information. If you don’t have an existing listing, Google allows you to make one and verify it.

A complete GMB listing allows you to harness the power of Google among local users much more effectively. Almost all local searches reveal GMB listings at the top of search results. A keyword-optimized description of your practice will increase the number of leads who contact you.


2. Sign Up for Legal Directories

Online legal directories aggregate information about law firms. They attract people who want to research legal subjects and look for attorneys. Adding your firm to a directory rewards you with multiple benefits. Of crucial importance is the link to your firm’s website from the directory. This aids your SEO efforts because a backlink from a relevant website about lawyers to your website improves a search engine’s view of your website. Google algorithms value relevant backlinks when ranking websites.

Links back to your website from legal directories add to your reputational value. People who are considering you often do additional web searches about lawyers before making contact. Seeing your name listed in multiple directories builds a picture of a professional recognized as valid by multiple sources.

Directory listings can also help with local search marketing. To get the most value in this arena, make sure that you use the exact same law firm name and address in each listing. This builds consistent data for search engines to use when delivering local search results.


3. Claim Your Social Media Profiles

You need to maintain a presence on social media for two reasons. First, claiming a profile for your law firm on social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram prevents some scoundrel from building a fake profile about your practice.

Secondly, social media profiles create social proof of your existence. Prospective clients investigating your credentials will see your social media profiles as additional evidence that you are a functioning practice.

You also gain another link to your website and a place for people to message you. Although social media marketing is not where you should put your energy compared to search engine marketing, the platforms can still deliver new clients on occasion.


4. Encourage Clients to Leave a Review

Plentiful reviews increase your status in the eyes of potential clients. People who might hire you will study online ratings and testimonials from your actual clients closely.

You need to encourage people to write reviews for you, particularly at Google. Google reviews will be displayed prominently within your GMB listing.

Requesting reviews may be automated with emails to your clients that simply invite them to review their experience. Such a system gradually increases your reviews while not making people feel pressured to do it.


5. Get Professional Photographs

Legal services by their very nature require people to converse directly with their service provider. Your clients typically must discuss private details about their affairs with you. Professionally shot images of you and your colleagues on your website, directory listings, and GMB page let people get an idea of who they will be talking to before they make contact. Professional photographs cast you as competent and help people believe that you pay close attention to the details.

Law firm marketing does not rely on a single magic bullet to accomplish all things. Connecting with more leads online results from the synergy of many marketing tactics guided by a strategy that positions you as a local authority in your legal area.