Aleksandar Petrovic

Chief Technology Officer

Short Bio:

Aleksandar Petrovic is the driving force behind the technological brilliance at Constellation Marketing. With a firm grasp on design, software, and website development, he’s been steering the company as the CTO & Web Director for the past 5 years.


With 8 years in the IT industry, Aleksandar considers himself an expert — and rightfully so. His multidisciplinary knowledge forms the backbone of Constellation Marketing’s unique value proposition: transparency and high-quality leads.

Aleksandar isn’t just a self-taught specialist; he holds a formal degree in PHP development. Besides his PHP expertise, he’s proficient in a variety of other programming languages, including JavaScript, SQL, HTML, and CSS.

About our web process:

At Constellation Marketing, our approach to technology is both cutting-edge and meticulously planned. We leverage the latest and most effective software tools aimed specifically at guaranteeing our clients a healthy return on investment. When it comes to WordPress website development, we opt for the industry’s leading platforms and software to craft sites that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also blazing fast. But we don’t stop there; each project undergoes a rigorous review process, ensuring that every cog in the machine operates as it should. In a nutshell, we bring together innovation and vigilance to drive tangible results for our clients.