Beverly Lodge

Director of Advertising

Short Bio:

Beverly Lodge is a seasoned professional in the digital marketing arena, specializing in the legal industry. With over nine years of dedicated service in the digital marketing space, particularly for law firms, Beverly has honed her expertise in crafting highly effective online advertising strategies. For the past three years, she has served as the Director of Advertising at Constellation Marketing, where her leadership and extensive experience have made a significant impact on the success of her organization. Beverly’s deep understanding of both the legal field and the ever-evolving digital landscape positions her as a trusted and accomplished Director, consistently driving results and innovation in the realm of legal digital marketing.


Beverly is a seasoned advertising professional with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing. Armed with a B.A. degree in Business Communications, she has spent over two decades honing her skills and making a significant impact in the field of Google advertising and paid marketing.

Throughout her career, Beverly has held various pivotal roles, from managing large-scale campaigns to developing and executing comprehensive marketing strategies. Her ability to blend creativity with analytical prowess has led to the creation of highly effective advertising campaigns that resonate with target audiences and deliver exceptional ROI.

About our ads process:

Constellation Marketing’s digital paid advertising process is a well-structured and results-driven approach. It all begins with a meticulous initial strategy and analysis, spearheaded by our Client Strategy and Ads Teams. These experts delve deep into understanding the client’s goals, target audience, and competitive landscape to craft a comprehensive plan. Next, considering the allocated budget and the most effective means to achieve a return on investment, a strategic blueprint is meticulously developed. This plan outlines the platforms, ad formats, and messaging strategies that will yield the best results for our clients.

What sets Constellation Marketing apart is our commitment to continuous improvement. We don’t stop at just creating a strategy; instead, our Ads Team conducts monthly audits. These audits are an essential part of our process, ensuring that campaigns stay on track and adapt to ever-changing market dynamics. By analyzing data, fine-tuning ad performance, and identifying areas for optimization, we guarantee that our clients’ digital paid advertising efforts remain highly effective, cost-efficient, and always aligned with their evolving objectives. Our holistic approach to digital advertising, from strategy development to ongoing refinement, ensures that Constellation Marketing delivers exceptional results for our clients.