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Apr 13, 2021

Patrick Carver

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We’re excited to share that a top Local SEO Platform has featured Constellation Marketing in a recent case study.

Constellation Marketing is constantly striving to find the best-in-class tools, strategies, and premium services for our clients, and BrightLocal is a key piece of that mission.

You probably know that citations are important for local law firm SEO, but you may not know how time-consuming it is to develop a robust presence.

BrightLocal solved that issue for us and has helped us deliver astonishing results for our clients through the services they offer.

If you’re struggling to pick up traction in your local market, take a look at how we’re using BrightLocal to win key positions for our clients.


What is BrightLocal?

BrightLocal is the top local search engine optimization platform because of their cost-effective, local search services.

Lawyers can get value from these services by boosting local search rankings, ensuring they are getting linked to citations, tracking performance, increasing online visibility, and overall amplifying local marketing.

Their simple, yet powerful tools help keep local SEO consistent, efficient, and successful for lawyers across the world.


How We Use BrightLocal

Back in the day, our team encountered a few challenges regarding offering citation services for our clients. So, we decided to lean on the experts at BrightLocal for help.

The citation ecosystem is largely dominated by a few key players who distribute business information across thousands of smaller websites. The key for law firms is to make sure your information is accurate at the top end of the food chain, so it is consistent across all of their affiliate sites.

BrightLocal solved that issue for us because of their quick and cost-effective Data Aggregator Submission Service tool that’s allowed us to connect with major aggregators, who push out our client’s data to hundreds of different websites. It also ensures that our client’s data and information is correct, which increases their ability to get new leads and clients. Not only does this show our clients the value we’re providing for them, but to also build the trusting relationships that are crucial for long-term success.

We’ve been able to trust BrightLocal to take on the citation building services for our clients without having to put in any additional effort tracking.


The Results

After using BrightLocal’s citation building service, our team has seen amazing results for a fraction of the normal cost.

Last month, we generated nearly 4,600 first-page positions on Google for our clients, and over 2,000 leads.

These results were also recognized by DesignRush, a guide to finding the best professional agencies, which led to adding Constellation Marketing among the top-performing legal marketing companies. Constellation Marketing has been described as a leading provider of digital marketing services for law firms, heavily focused on generating leads for their clients.

BrightLocal has been a big part of our success here at Constellation Marketing. They’ve proven to deliver the positive SEO results we strive for and have provided our team with a way to get our clients information out on directories in an easy and affordable way.


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Patrick Carver

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