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Feb 4, 2021

Patrick Carver

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Surfer is a key tool in our law firm marketing strategy. We’re pleased to share that they’ve recently featured our success story. We’re pleased to share that our work has been featured by one of the most popular SEO tools on the Internet. Our team published the results of a six-month study on the effectiveness of on-page optimizations using a tool called Surfer. The results were convincing and have helped us generate more traffic—and, most importantly, clients—for the law firms we work with. If you’re interested in how the sausage gets made, take a look!

What Is Surfer?

Since its introduction in recent years, Surfer has become THE go-to tool for serious SEO professionals like Matt Diggitty who are involved in on-page optimization. Using a data-driven model and reverse engineering, it analyzes 500+ of Google’s on-page signals in one sweep. This data is critical to our optimization process and has allowed us to reliably produce ranking improvements.

Surfer Is a Core Part of Our SEO Strategy for Law Firms

We’ve been using Surfer for over a year to improve the content we’re developing for our law firm clients. While we could subjectively see the growth that Surfer was bringing to our clients, we wanted to validate—with raw data—that Surfer was helping our SEO pages rank better. So, in an effort led by our Director of SEO, Mersad Berberovic, we analyzed all of our content optimizations in a six-month period. Our goal in this effort was to put our money where our mouth is, and the data we came up with did exactly that. We found that Surfer-backed content improved search positions 88% of the time. This includes first-page positions in highly-competitive markets like Atlanta and Los Angeles. It also includes practice areas that are notoriously difficult to rank well in, such as personal injury and criminal defense.

How Our Law Firm Clients Benefit

While SEO can be challenging for any industry, brand, or business, law firm SEO is particularly brutal. This was a driving factor in our decision to make Surfer a permanent addition to our content marketing toolbox. Here’s the problem: a majority of law practices are built on transactional business. In other words, they need to connect with individuals who would otherwise not know who they are. Visibility on Google is essential and without it, you’re reliant on referrals. To add fuel to the fire, paying for ads is expensive. In fact, keywords related to finding lawyers and law firms are among the most expensive across any industry, so getting as many visitors from organic search (free traffic!) is essential. Thankfully, Surfer has helped us address these issues from nearly every angle. Here’s how our clients have benefited:


We are all about using data and empirical evidence when crafting our strategies. Without that, it’s just conjecture, and without a data-backed plan, there is a lot of inefficiency in the SEO process. For example, you might see that all of your competitors are blogging every day, so you might think that’s the differentiator and that you should be blogging everyday too. Surfer lets us take an analytical approach and isolate the true differentiator and focus on improving it. This saves us time and resources, which is ultimately passed on to our clients.

A Competitive Edge

We monitor our clients’ keyword rankings every month, with special attention given to the pages that are producing the most lucrative clients. If there is a push by a competitor and a ranking has dipped, we can see that and then use Surfer to address any shift in the market by optimizing our content to the latest algorithm change.

Less $$$ on Leads

Since we can reliably create these positions for attorneys, this leads to more free traffic and, ultimately, more clients. Surfer, along with the other parts of our SEO strategy, has played a significant role in generating these results.

We’re Constantly Working to Improve

As anyone familiar with digital marketing likely knows, Google updates their algorithm every single day and makes large core changes about four times a year. Because of this, we have to remain nimble, constantly evolving our processes to get the best results for our clients, and Surfer is just one of many tools in our arsenal. At Constellation Marketing, we’ve helped get measurable results for over 50 law firms across the country, and we would love the opportunity to help your firm, too. Reach out to us today to find out more about how we can assist you.

Patrick Carver

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