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Sep 23, 2023

Patrick Carver

Patrick Carver, CEO & Founder, Constellation Marketing

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Bankruptcy Law Firm SEO Secrets That Big Agencies Don’t Want You to Know

Ready to outshine your competitors in the bankruptcy law arena?

SEO is your powerhouse tool, turning your firm into the go-to legal authority when clients need it most.

Imagine a steady stream of clients, increased revenue, and a dominant online presence. That’s not just a dream; it’s your next achievement with our tailored SEO strategies.

Dive into the world of SEO for bankruptcy law firms and unlock a new level of success.

Are you prepared to elevate your firm? Begin your journey to top rankings today.



Why Should I Invest in SEO for My Bankruptcy Law Firm?

what should i invest in SEO for my bankruptcy firm

Based on our analysis of over 10,000 leads over seven years, it’s clear that search engine optimization is the most potent method for acquiring new customers. Advertising and other marketing ideas have their place in bankruptcy marketing, but here is why SEO is king for bankruptcy lawyers:

  1. ROI: In the crowded field of bankruptcy law firms, a sharp marketing strategy can boost your firm’s visibility, attracting more clients. More bankruptcy clients mean more revenue and growth potential.
  2. Brand Visibility: With 68,000 bankruptcy lawyers out there, standing out is key. Effective SEO puts you first in line to help potential clients in their time of need.
  3. Client Relationship BuildingLaw firm marketing isn’t just ads; it’s building relationships. Engage with potential clients and establish yourself as a trusted professional by providing helpful and educational content on challenging bankruptcy issues.


DNA of a Successful Bankruptcy Marketing Campaign

All good bankruptcy SEO campaigns start with an analysis of our client’s website, assessing current SEO, content, backlinks, and unique bankruptcy law challenges. A thorough comparison with competitors identifies areas for improvement in legal content, technical SEO, and overall performance.

Through meticulous research, we craft a focused search engine optimization strategy for bankruptcy lawyers, targeting key issues like Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcies. By creating comprehensive bankruptcy content emphasizing our client’s expertise, we aim to establish their authority with search engines in these specialized areas.

We discuss SEO in detail here, but let’s dive into the most important elements of a successful campaign for your bankruptcy firm.


On-page SEO


On-page SEO, which involves optimizing individual webpages (content, HTML source code) to rank higher and gain more relevant traffic in search engines, is crucial to a bankruptcy search engine optimization campaign as it enhances visibility in search results, makes content more accessible, and understandable for users, and establishes your firm as an authority in the niche area of bankruptcy services.

Our on-page optimization process is meticulous; here are some of the elements we scrutinize:

  • Keyword Research
  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • URL Structure
  • Header Tags
  • Keyword Placement
  • Content Quality
  • Internal Linking
  • External Linking


Keyword Research

Digging into keyword phrases is vital for bankruptcy law SEO. We analyze search volumes and relevance, pinpointing the best keywords for ranking in specific geographic areas. It’s a balance between relevance, search volume, and ranking difficulty.

Choosing the right keywords is key, especially locally pertinent ones. Users often search for a bankruptcy lawyer nearby, so targeting local keywords is crucial.

Our method? Identify primary ‘money keywords’ expected to drive leads and secondary keywords that boost rankings for primary bankruptcy attorney targets. It’s all about smart targeting!


Content Marketing

For a bankruptcy attorney, content is key to SEO success. Creating fresh, optimized content draws new keyword rankings and strengthens existing ones. This continuous cycle builds our clients’ authority, boosting their keyword standings.

Regular updates are vital, signaling our active pursuit of target keywords to Google. This relentless effort keeps us ahead, seizing opportunities to enhance our client’s online presence in the competitive bankruptcy law arena.

In our content selection process, we employ a mix of digital marketing strategies that may include:

  • Analysis of competitor content
  • Mapping out the key practice areas and cases for our bankruptcy law client in a topical diagram
  • Identifying subjects that serve as a secondary supportive layer of content for the primary practice areas and targeted cases
  • Locating the best-performing online content pieces relevant to the practice area, considering factors such as the number of organic keywords and the volume of organic traffic

Topical authority in bankruptcy law implies that Google identifies your website as a credible source of information in the legal industry, providing valuable and extensive content to users seeking such expertise.

From an SEO perspective, attaining topical authority is vital, and the publication and optimization of content are instrumental in achieving this. To establish topical authority in bankruptcy law, we concentrate on creating and refining pertinent content that thoroughly covers various aspects of this legal field. For instance, we may publish topics that answer all relevant inquiries related to Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, encompassing bankruptcy laws, implications, debt relief strategies, legal rights, court procedures, and more.


Case Study

Case Study bankruptcy

A bankruptcy law firm in Marietta, Georgia, faced challenges with limited search presence and organic keyword rankings.

Our team executed on-page optimizations and content development strategies within a year, yielding remarkable results.

Initially, the firm operated with approximately 2000 organic keywords and attracted fewer than 1000 average monthly organic users. Our dedicated efforts transformed their online presence, enabling them to rank for over 5000 organic keywords and draw nearly 1.5k users monthly.

The transformation was also evident in their top-tier rankings, soaring from around 50 keywords on the first page of Google to more than 250, amplifying their visibility in a competitive market.


Off-page SEO


Off-page SEO, especially in bankruptcy law, is about building external backlinks to boost your site’s authority with Google.

Why? Google sees backlinks as a big deal for organic rankings. When relevant sites link to your bankruptcy law site, Google takes notice, thinking you’ve got something important to say.

Getting those links from the right legal sources is key for bankruptcy law. We’re talking links related to Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcy laws. Google checks your backlink profile, compares it with competitors, and rewards you with better rankings for those robust, organic links. It’s like a digital thumbs-up from the legal world!


Link Building

Choosing the right sites is key to a strong backlink profile. Link building involves acquiring relevant links from blogs or websites within the bankruptcy field, including those discussing debt management or financial rehabilitation.

We use a variety of strategies to help our clients gain authority.

  • Citations
  • Legal Directories
  • Guest Posts
  • Guest Contributions

Link building is significant as it’s not merely about external links from citations and directories. It also necessitates acquiring links from websites within the bankruptcy law practice area.


Case Study

A New Jersey bankruptcy lawyer started with a so-so backlink profile, a domain rating (DR) of just 18. But in a few months, we increased the DR to 25.

What’s more? Their organic keywords doubled, jumping from 200 to 400 ranked keywords.

And the backlinks? Quality and relevance were our game. Unique referring domains skyrocketed by 76, hitting a total of 156. This powerhouse move directly pumped up the DR and those fresh organic keyword rankings.


Local SEO for Bankruptcy Lawyers


Local SEO is an SEO strategy that emphasizes local organic rankings in the map pack and within the client’s proximity.

It is crucial to rank locally for any bankruptcy law client aiming to attract organic leads from individuals seeking a bankruptcy lawyer through Google in their location or nearby.


GBP Optimization

GBP optimization is key for boosting law firms’ rankings in top map pack listings, especially for “near me” searches in bankruptcy law. This bankruptcy marketing idea enhances local SEO and has led to a 50-100% increase in organic leads from Google business profiles for our bankruptcy law clients.

bankruptcy marketing ideas build trust


GBP reviews are pivotal for bankruptcy law firms, influencing rankings and online standing. The number, quality, and keywords in these reviews can boost visibility and elevate rankings in the bankruptcy law field, turning client experiences into digital gold.


Case Study

We gave a New Jersey bankruptcy law client’s local citations a serious makeover, boosting their local rankings big time. Before us? They were nowhere in the top map pack results.

Their local SEO rankings skyrocketed after our GBP optimization and relevant citation creation. Now they’re #1 in a 2.0mi radius on the map pack, and their visibility for “bankruptcy” and “New Jersey” keywords has soared.

Our targeted approach didn’t just elevate their online presence; it’s been a magnet for organic traffic from folks hunting for bankruptcy attorneys in that area.


Technical SEO


Technical SEO is an SEO strategy that emphasizes enhancing the under-the-hood features of a website, like its structure, load speed, and other elements not immediately perceptible to users. These optimizations are essential to adhere to Google’s guidelines.

Possessing a technically clean, rapid-loading, and well-organized website is critical, especially for a bankruptcy lawyer, because Google rewards such sites with elevated rankings. It facilitates a superior user experience compared to competitors, which is vital for gaining a competitive advantage in the crowded bankruptcy law field.

Website Design

Good website design for a bankruptcy law firm isn’t just about looking pretty; it’s about building trust and accessibility. Clients seeking help with bankruptcy are often stressed and overwhelmed. A well-designed site, with intuitive navigation and clear information, can ease that stress, guiding them effortlessly to the legal help they need. It’s like a digital handshake, offering reassurance and a path to resolution, all wrapped up in a sleek, professional package.

Website Performance (Speed, Errors, Responsiveness)

Website performance is the speed demon of a bankruptcy firm’s site, gauging speed, error-free action, and responsiveness. It’s a big deal for SEO, as quick-loading, smooth-functioning sites get the search engine thumbs-up. Slow or glitchy? That’s an SEO downer, leading to bounces and less visibility. But ace that performance; you’ll see higher rankings and more organic traffic from those seeking bankruptcy wisdom.

Hosting and website security are like the backstage crew. Hosting provides the server space, ensuring your site’s always on and speedy. Security? That’s your digital bouncer, guarding against unauthorized access and nasty malware. Together, they boost search engine rankings and organic traffic, making them essential for any bankruptcy firm looking to attract clients online.

We clearly love SEO, but we also like advertising! Check out our advertising guide for bankruptcy lawyers.


The #1 Mistake Bankruptcy Lawyers Make with SEO


In the bustling world of SEO, equality is a myth. Your campaign will sink or swim with who choose as a provider.

Many SEO firms stumble in delivering real results for law firms, often due to a lack of insight into the legal industry’s unique challenges or a failure to be client-focused.

We’re different. We’re all about ROI. Not just better rankings or more traffic but real, bottom-line benefits. Every move we make is aimed at maximizing your return. We gauge success by your firm’s growth, not just SEO checkboxes.

Bankruptcy attorneys know it’s a fierce battlefield with countless firms fighting for clients. Your choice of marketing partner can make or break your success. Unlike generalist SEO companies, we specialize in six legal areas, offering tailored, effective strategies they can’t match.

But specialization isn’t everything; service quality is key. We offer more than service; we offer solutions. We’re aligned with your goals, committed to shared success, and proud to surpass 98% of the competition. Partner with us, and you’re choosing a team dedicated to putting your firm ahead in a crowded market.


How to Measure Your Bankruptcy SEO Campaign


For bankruptcy attorneys, SEO success must be measurable. Strategies must focus on real ROI and tracking metrics like website traffic, conversions, and lead generation.

It’s not just about keywords and traffic but tangible business growth. For example, 90% of clients leave agencies due to unmet ROI. Performance reviews focusing on organic leads and conversions can combat this.

Key metrics tailored to bankruptcy attorneys include tracking top rankings, evaluating their relevance, and measuring new organic users. Tools like “What Converts” help quantify unique leads.

Analyzing lead types and sources helps shape future strategies. Monthly reviews assess performance, focusing on organic leads and identifying areas for improvement.

The goal? Enhance online presence in the bankruptcy field, ensuring ongoing success through data-informed decisions and strategic content optimization.


Let Us Help You Win the SEO Battle for Bankruptcy Lawyers


An accessible bankruptcy law firm website is a valuable marketing tool in today’s digital world. But an optimized site can be your secret weapon, catapulting you to the top of search engine results pages, driving leads and conversions.

Our client-focused approach has helped countless law firms get ahead in their field. So if you’re ready to elevate your bankruptcy law firm’s website, increase search engine ranking, and attract more clients, contact us today. We’ll help you achieve your goals and win the SEO battle for bankruptcy lawyers.

Don’t fall for the myth of SEO equality. Choose a specialist marketing partner dedicated to your success, and watch your bankruptcy law firm thrive in the competitive online landscape.

Patrick Carver

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