Estate Planning SEO: Power Guide for Lawyers

Sep 13, 2023

Patrick Carver

Patrick Carver, CEO & Founder, Constellation Marketing

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Navigating the world of estate planning law? You’re not alone. Currently, 209,886 estate lawyers are working in the U.S.

Standing out in this crowded arena is no small feat.

But here’s the deal: search engine optimization for estate planning law doesn’t have to be a labyrinth. Current trends? Challenges? Solutions? We’ve got them all covered.

In this concise guide, we’ll cut through the noise and zero in on actionable strategies that elevate your practice. We’re here to help you shine in a field brimming with competition.

Ready to amplify your visibility? Dive in with us. Estate planning law awaits your mastery.

Why Should I Invest in SEO for My Estate Planning Law Firm?

estate planning seo key strategies

Growing Competition: Over 200k competitors—that’s fierce. But with razor-sharp law firm marketing strategies, you can rise above the crowd. Legal employment is expected to grow faster than other occupations between now and 2031. Attract clients, build a robust reputation, and let your expertise shine.

Increasing Online Presence: Welcome to the digital era, where clients find legal help with a click. Want to be that click? An online marketing strategy isn’t just smart, it’s essential. Boost your visibility, make yourself accessible, and watch potential clients come to you.

Client Trust and Reputation Management: Trust and credibility aren’t just words; they’re your firm’s lifeline. Effective estate planning marketing showcases your successes, flaunts your expertise, and shares those glowing testimonials. The result? A reputation that not only attracts but retains clients. Invest in estate planning marketing, and you’re investing in growth.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the foundational components of a successful law firm SEO strategy.

Core Components of a Successful Campaign for Estate Planning Firms

estate planning seo optimize SEO

Launching an estate planning law SEO campaign begins with understanding your unique needs and the competitive landscape. We select high-converting keywords that resonate with the clients you’re eager to serve, and we optimize your website both technically and with engaging content.

But we don’t stop there. We build authoritative backlinks and enhance local SEO elements like Google Business Profiles and local citations. As the campaign progresses, we’re consistently monitoring and analyzing key performance indicators, fine-tuning our strategies to maximize return on investment and ensure sustainable growth.

On-Page SEO

In estate planning law, on-page SEO is vital. It’s more than aligning with Google’s guidelines; it’s about boosting rankings for targeted keywords. This approach includes optimizing content, meta tags, and HTML code, not only for search engines but also for potential clients. By focusing on estate-planning-specific keywords, we aim to make your firm’s services not only more visible but also more accessible to those in need.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is at the heart of our SEO strategy, especially for legal services. It involves a deep dive into the phrases potential clients use when seeking services on Google and other search engines, whether it’s for wills, trusts, guardianship, or another estate planning subtopic.

Why is this important? We analyze these phrases and search volumes to pinpoint the best keywords for your estate planning firm. It’s a balance between relevance to estate planning area—like asset protection, probate avoidance, and tax planning—along with search volume and ranking difficulty.

By focusing on locally and topically relevant keywords, we help your law firm ascend the rankings swiftly, enhancing organic traffic and lead conversion. It’s a strategic approach for rapid, targeted growth in the multifaceted field of estate planning.

Content Marketing

Content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing but costs 62% less! That makes content selection and research indispensable to an estate planning law firm’s SEO strategy. The key is crafting targeted content that resonates with specific needs like probate, power of attorney, and wills.

Why is this vital? Content drives keyword rankings and builds your firm’s authority. Without fresh, optimized content, you risk losing ground to competitors.

In essence, content isn’t just about rankings; it’s a strategic tool that positions your firm as the expert in estate planning law. It’s a focused approach to growth in a field where trust and expertise are paramount.

Don’t miss our list of the best blogging topics for estate planning attorneys.

Topical Authority

Topical authority means being seen by Google as an expert. It’s achieved through comprehensive content that covers areas such as will drafting, estate taxes, and probate procedures.

Demonstrating your expertise to Google is central to our SEO strategy. You want to be the authoritative voice in estate planning, a field where Google values insights into probate, taxes, trusts, and wills. It’s a focused way to build credibility in a knowledge-driven industry.

Success Story

We worked with an estate planning lawyer in Atlanta, starting with 3,000 organic keyword rankings on his website. Through on-page optimization of existing pages and continuous content building over a couple of years, we made a significant impact. By the first half of 2023, he ranked for over 6,000 keywords, up from 3,000 at the start of the year, reflecting a targeted and successful optimization strategy.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is a key strategy for building external backlinks to an estate planning law firm’s website, boosting its authority in Google’s view.

Why is this essential? Google’s ranking relies heavily on the quantity and quality of a site’s external backlinks. For an estate planning law firm, this means creating links from relevant sources like will drafting, trust management, or probate procedures. Google then ranks a site with a more organic backlink profile higher for targeted keywords.

But it’s more than just link building. It involves proper link distribution, relevant backlinks, anchor research, and using natural anchors that signal to Google the content’s relevancy. This multifaceted approach is a way to enhance your credibility in the eyes of estate planning clients.

  • Editorial Links: Obtained when other websites link to your content because they find it valuable or informative
  • Guest Post Links: Acquired by writing guest posts for other websites, often including a link back to your site within the content
  • Business Profile Links: Links from your business profiles on directories or social media platforms
  • Backlinks from Partners or Affiliates: Links from businesses or individuals you have partnerships or affiliations with
  • Community and Forum Links: Links obtained by engaging in relevant online communities, forums, or discussion boards
  • Social Sharing and Bookmarking Links: Links generated through sharing content on social media platforms or bookmarking sites
  • Sponsored or Paid Links: Links that are purchased, often for advertising purposes; these must be handled with care to comply with Google’s guidelines
  • Resource Page Links: Links from pages that list valuable resources related to a specific topic, where your content fits as a useful reference
  • Internal Links: Links within your own website that connect different pages and content, aiding in site navigation.
  • Image and Multimedia Links: Links embedded within images, videos, or other multimedia content.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO is vital for an estate planning firm, focusing on boosting local rankings in the Google Map Pack and nearby areas.

Why does it matter? Potential clients often search for lawyers close to them for estate planning or related services. By honing in on local search, a firm can attract these leads, increase visibility in local searches, and connect with clients actively seeking their expertise. It’s a targeted approach for tangible growth in the community you serve.

Here’s a short list of the top components essential to a successful local SEO campaign for estate planning lawyers:

  1. Google My Business Optimization: Ensure your firm’s profile is complete, accurate, and optimized for relevant keywords.
  2. Local Keywords and Content: Target keywords specific to your location and create localized content that resonates with the community’s estate planning needs.
  3. Local Citations and Backlinks: Build consistent citations across online directories and obtain backlinks from local sources to enhance credibility.
  4. Reviews and Ratings Management: Encourage satisfied clients to leave positive reviews on platforms like Google and actively manage and respond to feedback.
  5. Mobile Optimization: Ensure your website is mobile-friendly, as most local searches are conducted on mobile devices.

Combined, these components create a robust local SEO strategy, connecting estate planning attorneys with clients in their geographic area.

Success Story

We took on the challenge of local SEO for an estate planning attorney in Washington, D.C., who was struggling with local rankings and was not appearing in the top map pack results. Our strategy involved a meticulous focus on building and optimizing local citations, fine-tuning their Google Business Profile (GBP) for accurate data and services, and crafting the right citations.

The result was improvement in local SEO rankings in both the map pack and organic keywords related to “Washington, DC.” But the real victory was a staggering 178% increase in conversions in 2023.

This success is a testament to the power of targeted local SEO, transforming a digital presence into a thriving practice in the heart of Washington, DC. It’s not just about rankings; it’s about real growth where it matters most.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to fine-tuning the hidden gears of your law firm website. It zeroes in on aspects like site structure, page load speed, and other behind-the-scenes elements that align with Google’s guidelines.

Why is this crucial for estate planning lawyers? Google rewards technically robust sites. Here are the top two factors to ponder:

Website Design

Good website design for an estate planning law firm is more than aesthetics; it’s a reflection of expertise in areas like wills and trusts. A well-designed estate planning site not only improves user experience but also boosts Google rankings, connecting clients to vital estate planning services.

Website Performance

Website performance for an estate planning law firm relies on speed and error-free functionality. Optimal performance, rewarded by search engines like Google, enhances visibility and engagement, making it essential for connecting with clients seeking specialized estate planning expertise.

Looking for even more ways to grow your revenue? Check out our list of innovative marketing ideas for estate planning firms.

Our Unique Approach to SEO for Estate Planning Law Firms

estate planning seo importance of SEO

Disappointed with search engine optimization companies? You’re not alone.

Many promise the world but deliver only surface-level metrics that don’t translate to real growth.

Our approach is different.

At Constellation Marketing, we’re all about return on investment (ROI). Success isn’t just numbers on a screen; it’s increased lead generation, client conversions, and tangible business outcomes.

Your success is our mission. Your growth is our goal. We don’t just track organic traffic and keywords; we measure organic leads—the real signal of success. Because to us, these aren’t just means to an end; they’re the path to your firm’s triumph.

Ready to experience real growth? We’re here to make it happen.

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