50 Impressive Website Designs for Estate Planning Attorneys

Sep 19, 2023

Patrick Carver

Patrick Carver, CEO & Founder, Constellation Marketing

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Is your estate planning law firm ready to outshine the competition?

A cutting-edge website design is your golden ticket to attracting more clients and establishing unparalleled credibility.

Imagine a digital presence so compelling it turns visitors into clients with ease. This is not just a dream; it’s within your reach.

We’re unveiling the secrets to a successful estate planning website that guarantees more leads, more cases, and less stress.

Ready to revolutionize your online presence? Let’s embark on this journey together.

Top 4 Reasons to Invest in Estate Planning Website Design

Statistics show that 64% of Americans believe it’s a good idea to have an estate plan, yet only 34% have created one. These numbers showcase an incredible opportunity for estate planning law firms: utilizing well-designed websites to reach the people who recognize the importance of estate plans but haven’t yet taken action.

There are four genuine benefits of investing in creating or improving your estate planning law firm website:

1. Convert Visitors Into Valuable Leads

A well-structured website can improve search engine rankings, making people with estate planning needs more likely to engage with your law firm.

Why is this crucial? 74% of individuals who visit a law firm’s website plan to take action—often in the form of phone calls or contact form submissions. These inquiries help generate leads, which often turn into new clients.

2. Stand Out From Other Estate Planning Lawyers

With nearly 70,000 estate planning attorneys in the United States, the competition is fierce. To stand out from your competition in this ever-evolving digital age, your estate planning law firm needs a welcoming yet efficient website.

While other estate planning attorneys rely solely on word-of-mouth referrals and outdated advertising methods, your firm will grow by leaps and bounds thanks to your professionally designed website.

3. Showcase Your Estate Planning Lawyer Expertise

Your law firm website is a valuable platform for displaying your knowledge and experience. Use your site to offer informative resources, such as blog posts or videos, that educate potential clients about estate law, their rights, and the legal process.

Dedicate a section to answering common estate law questions, demonstrating your willingness to address client concerns and develop their comprehensive estate plan.

4. Increase Your Law Firm’s Credibility

A well-crafted estate planning law firm website conveys credibility, professionalism, and trustworthiness. It showcases your dedication to helping clients plan for their future, establishing you and your legal team as reliable authorities in estate planning.

Constellation’s Favorite Estate Planning Website Designs

Simply having a website is not enough in today’s competitive estate planning market. The website must have certain components, including excellent structure, performance, and attractive branding. Check out our favorite estate planning websites, which check all these boxes and more!

1. Blake Harris Law – blakeharrislaw.com

Blake Harris Law

Blake Harris Law’s website boasts intriguing black and yellow tones that exude positivity and sophistication. The background image is eye-catching, and the calls-to-action (CTAs) are strategically placed.

While we love these attributes, what makes this estate planning website impressive is its GTMetrix scores. The website’s performance score is 98, and its structure score is 95. Its overall score is 94, helping it snag our #1 estate planning website slot.

2. Wood Law Group – woodlawgroupnv.com

Wood Law Group

This website’s above-the-fold view (the part visible before scrolling) has all the right elements: comforting imagery, testimonials, well-placed CTAs, and more. Wood Law Group’s site structure exceeded the website in our #1 spot but landed the #2 position due to its color palette and imagery.

This website boasts a GTMetrix performance score of 98 and a structure score of 100. However, its overall score is 91.

3. Barr & Young – www.barrattorneys.com

Barr & Young

This website’s design exudes a sense of trustworthiness, tradition and professionalism. Case results and CTAs are where they should be, and users enjoy easy website navigation. However, the color palette could use more “pop.”

Barr & Young’s GTMetrix scores weren’t too shabby, with a performance score is 94, a structure score of 98, and an overall score of 89.

4. Russell Law – russell.legal

Russell Law

We love Russell Law’s above-the-fold section. All of the law firm’s information is present, and the background image is welcoming. The site feels a touch outdated when scrolling down, but it is generally well-designed.

This webpage snags our #4 spot primarily due to its GTMetrix scores of 99 (performance), 96 (structure), and 88 (overall).

5. The Law Office of Paul Black – georgia-estatelaw.com

The Law Office of Paul Black

This inspiring estate planning website has an attractive color palette, beautiful imagery, and personal touches. Simply put, the Law Office of Paul Black could easily dethrone our #1 spot-holder with a few website design updates.

This law firm’s website boasts a GTMetrix performance score of 98. Its structure score is a perfect 100, while its overall score is 87.

Check Out More Top-Performing Estate Planning Websites

Below, we share 50 of our favorite website designs. Feel free to explore them for more inspiration for your next website design!

1 Blake Harris Law 90 98 95 94.33
2 Wood Law Group 75 98 100 91.00
3 Barr & Young 75 94 98 89.00
4 Russell Law 70 99 96 88.33
5 The Law Office of Paul Black 65 98 100 87.67
6 Frank & Kraft 60 100 99 86.33
7 Wilson & Wilson 65 98 96 86.33
8 Chicago Estate Lawyer 60 100 99 86.33
9 Law Office of Carey Thompson 70 91 98 86.33
10 Perigon Legal Services 60 97 100 85.67
11 Charthouse Lawyers 80 88 89 85.67
12 Estate Planning Law Group Georgia 75 88 94 85.67
13 Nirenstein, Horowitz & Associates 70 88 97 85.00
14 Adrian Philip Thomas 80 86 88 84.67
15 Cochran Gersh 55 99 98 84.00
16 Duncan Legal 50 99 100 83.00
17 Weiner Law 50 100 99 83.00
18 Jules Martin Haas 55 97 92 81.33
19 Cary Estate Planning 80 92 71 81.00
20 Parman & Easterday 50 95 97 80.67
21 Klenk Law 70 81 89 80.00
22 Preston Estate Planning 65 89 86 80.00
23 GRB Law 60 94 84 79.33
24 Theresa Clancy Law 75 76 87 79.33
25 Ogilvie Law 65 80 88 77.67
26 Knutson & Casey 70 90 72 77.33
27 Collins Law Group 60 89 83 77.33
28 Karp Law Firm 80 57 94 77.00
29 Susan L. Sandys 40 100 90 76.67
30 Comiter, Singer, Baseman & Braun 70 78 81 76.33
31 Dean & Fulkerson 90 49 86 75.00
32 CBJ Law 40 100 85 75.00
33 Jeffrey & Burr 70 78 74 74.00
34 Monahan Law Group 45 79 98 74.00
35 Hoge-Fenton 55 84 82 73.67
36 FBG Law 60 83 74 72.33
37 Fischel & Kahn 40 85 92 72.33
38 BMC Estate Planning 45 92 79 72.00
39 Shoup Legal 85 49 81 71.67
40 Galbally & O’Bryan 40 85 82 69.00
41 Katy Wrona 20 91 95 68.67
42 Kyle E. Krull P.A. 30 82 91 67.67
43 KLG 60 64 79 67.67
44 Gevurtz Menashe 55 74 71 66.67
45 John Burns Estate Law 65 68 61 64.67
46 MacMillan Esate Planning 65 61 67 64.33
47 Estate Planning Group 30 66 95 63.67
48 Kelley Kronenberg 75 28 75 59.33
49 Fritz Law LLC 60 36 76 57.33
50 Bouhan Falligant 45 59 60 54.67

Website Design for Estate Planning Law Firms: 4 Pro Tips

The best estate planning websites pay close attention to several key elements. They address technical aspects, user navigation, overall aesthetics, and more. Check out our top five website design fundamentals below.

Site Structure, Calls-to-Action, and Testimonials

Estate planning websites should have a clear navigation structure, making it easy for visitors to locate the information they’re looking for. CTAs prompt website visitors to take action, such as requesting a free consultation or signing up for a newsletter. Ultimately, strategically placed CTAs enhance user engagement and lead to increased conversions.

A website section with video testimonials of your satisfied clients is also a fantastic way to showcase your expertise and trustworthiness.

Craft Your Brand and Choose the Right Color Palette

A professional logo and attractive color palette are essential for creating a positive first impression as a qualified estate planning attorney. Colors associated with security, like blues and greens, may instill confidence in potential clients considering estate planning.

In addition to branding, the presentation of your website’s text plays a significant role in user-friendliness, ADA compliance, and Google Page Speed Insights. Ensure that your text is easy to read by using larger font sizes and colors that contrast with the background.

Engaging Content

Estate planning lawyers’ website content should be informative, engaging, and optimized with relevant keywords. This approach improves search engine visibility, making it easier for prospective clients to discover your law firm in their online search for estate planning services.

Need keyword inspiration? Check out our top five estate planning keywords:

  • estate planning near me
  • revocable living trust
  • will preparation services
  • probate process explained
  • inheritance tax planning

Images of happy families comfortable with their estate planning process help build trust with potential clients. These visuals should be strategically placed, reassuring potential clients that the law firm will take care of their estate plan well.

Optimizing image sizes is also crucial for maintaining website performance and SEO rankings. Large, “unoptimized” images slow down your site, negatively impacting user experience and Google Page Speed scores. Utilize image compression tools to optimize images without sacrificing quality.

Site Performance and Load Speed

A fast-loading law firm website helps to retain visitors and prevent them from bouncing off your site due to slow loading times.

According to recent statistics, the average webpage load speed is 10 seconds on a desktop and 15 seconds on a mobile device. Unfortunately, 64% of visitors will not wait that long for a website to load. Load speeds should instead be kept at two to three seconds for the optimum user experience.

Expert tip: Mobile-friendly website design is also essential because 282.5 million Americans access websites through their smartphones and tablets.

Lastly, employing caching plugins like WP Rocket and content delivery networks (CDNs) like Cloudflare (ideally used together) enhance website performance to achieve maximum load speed. By implementing these practices, websites can achieve optimal load speed and security, providing a better user experience and positively impacting SEO results.

Work with Constellation to Skyrocket Your Estate Planning Attorney Website Performance

Your clients trust you as an estate planning attorney to help them make plans for the future. In the same way, it may be important for you as an estate planning lawyer to entrust your website to the experts.

Why? Collaborating with professional web designers, content creators, and SEO specialists will significantly enhance your website’s quality and effectiveness.

At Constellation, we can create a high-performance website for your estate planning law firm that will leave your competition in the dust. Specializing in the area of law, we have the capability of increasing your law firm’s monthly revenue by over 300%. Let’s chat about your estate planning lawyer website today!

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