Top 50 Website Designs for Family Lawyers

Sep 19, 2023

Patrick Carver

Patrick Carver, CEO & Founder, Constellation Marketing

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Is your family law firm’s website delivering the results you need?

Imagine a website that not only looks professional but also converts visitors into clients effortlessly.

Your website is the first point of contact for potential clients. It should be a powerful tool that showcases your expertise, builds trust, and distinguishes you from competitors.

We specialize in creating website designs for family lawyers that guarantee increased visibility, client engagement, and case acquisition.

Ready to transform your online presence and grow your practice? Let’s begin.


3 Reasons to Invest in Your Family Law Firm’s Website

1. Convert Visitors into Leads

When a family law website is professionally designed, it is optimized to convert visitors into leads.

Some prospective clients may not be ready to call you yet but want to research family law attorneys and firms. Websites that bring value, establish you as a family law expert, and make a stellar first impression provide the perfect environment for these all-important lead conversions.

2. Stand Out from the Competition

To truly stand out in the family law market, your website should embody the fundamental elements of a first-class online presence. By integrating a visually engaging design and branding with a user-friendly interface, your website can immediately capture the attention of potential clients.

3. Showcase Your Expertise and Services

A well-designed website allows you to showcase your expertise and highlight the specific family law services you offer.

Engaging content, informative blog posts, and relevant case studies can demonstrate your experience, helping you emerge as a knowledgeable and trusted legal resource. Additionally, a clear presentation of your services ensures potential clients understand how you can help them with their legal needs.

5 Best Family Law Websites

These five sites are our favorite family law firm websites for their top-tier design, intriguing content, and overall performance. They expertly showcase each firm’s expertise and commitment to providing comprehensive family law services.

1. Kirker Davis –

Kirker Davis is our top pick because it excels in many aspects of website design. The above-the-fold view (the visible part of a webpage before a user scrolls down) is truly designed to capture each visitor’s attention.

This family lawyer website has fantastic imagery and clear calls to action (CTAs). It also boasts excellent social proof, which shares the experiences of others to establish the firm’s credibility. The website design is professional and clean yet relatable.

The primary reason it is #1 is because of its overall performance and structure, as demonstrated by its exceptional GTMetrix scores. scored 100 in performance, 95 in structure, and 95 in its overall ranking.

2. Modern Law –

We selected My Modern Law for its impressive above-the-fold design and refreshing and bold family law website design. It is modern, easy to navigate, and clearly defines the firm’s practice areas.

Furthermore, it backs up its brilliant design with stellar GTMetrix scores: performance score of 91, structure score of 94, and overall score of 92!

3. YLAW –

Everything about YLaw’s design is exceptional and outside the box. This family law attorney website provides stunning imagery and colors, helping it rise above the competition.

This webpage would have scored higher on our list, but its GTMetrix performance score is only 85. However, its structure score is 94, and it earned an overall score of 91.

4. Romanowska Law –

Romanovska Law’s website colors are eye-catching, and the above-the-fold features, including beautiful imagery and an easy-to-navigate menu, set it apart from other sites. The webpage also displays relevant awards and associations, helping to establish the firm’s trustworthiness and credibility.’s GTMetrix scores 82 in performance and 93 in structure. The site snagged an overall score of 87.

5. The Harris Law Firm –

The Harris Family Law Firm website boasts a unique look and intriguing imagery. It is easy to navigate and presents engaging information, like team member bios.

This site’s GTMetrix scores push it down to position #5 on our list with a 79 in performance, 77 in structure, and 85 overall.

Need More Website Design Inspiration?

We’ve compiled a list of our top 50 website designs for family law. Check them out below!


1 Kirker & Davis 90 100 95 95.00
2 Modern Law 90 91 94 91.67
3 Ylaw Group 95 85 94 91.33
4 Romanovska Law 85 82 93 86.67
5 The Harris Law Firm 100 79 77 85.33
6 Grand Rapids Family Lawyer 65 93 97 85.00
7 The Matteucci Family Law 80 89 82 83.67
8 Cuomo Law Firm 75 85 89 83.00
9 Maclean Family Law 50 100 96 82.00
10 Schoenberg Family Law 60 90 95 81.67
11 Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group 85 63 90 79.33
12 Bishop Law Office 85 88 64 79.00
13 Cohen Family Law 55 92 90 79.00
14 Heather Robertson Law 50 100 84 78.00
15 Fairway Divorce 55 87 91 77.67
16 Modern Family Law 70 69 93 77.33
17 Randal Lowry 80 63 89 77.33
18 Morris-Sockle 90 58 83 77.00
19 The Branch Law Firm 60 81 89 76.67
20 Charles Willmott 85 61 83 76.33
21 Jones Divorce & Family Law 30 99 99 76.00
22 Denver Family Lawyers 55 96 76 75.67
23 Nevada Family Law Group 75 66 85 75.33
24 Berkman, Bottger, Newman & Schein, LLP 60 76 89 75.00
25 Los Angeles Family Law Lawyers 25 100 98 74.33
26 Stanchieri Family Law 80 57 84 73.67
27 Lopez Law Firm PLLC 35 86 100 73.67
28 The Houston Divorce Firm 70 78 72 73.33
29 The Carson Law Firm 20 98 99 72.33
30 The Mandel Law Firm 45 83 87 71.67
31 Laura Dale & Associates 30 91 92 71.00
32 The Lincoln Law Firm 45 82 86 71.00
33 Goostree Law Group 20 98 94 70.67
34 Levine Family Law Group 30 92 87 69.67
35 DeTorres & DeGeorge, LLC 35 88 85 69.33
36 Family Law San Diego 65 65 77 69.00
37 Hendershot Cannon & Hisey P.C. 50 76 80 68.67
38 Riddle & Hanna 25 85 94 68.00
39 O’Neil Wysocki Family Law 35 90 79 68.00
40 Masterson Law 10 97 95 67.33
41 Chorowski Clary 35 81 82 66.00
42 NYC Divorces 10 93 94 65.67
43 Youngberg Family Law 65 49 83 65.67
44 Hance Law Group 10 88 96 64.67
45 Andreson Family Law 30 74 84 62.67
46 Anderson Family Law 25 79 75 59.67
47 Julyan Law Firm 15 81 78 58.00
48 Arizona Family Law 30 56 83 56.33
49 Rasmussen Starr Ruddy LLP 40 77 50 55.67
50 Feinberg, Mindel, Brandt & Klein, LLP 25 16 73 38.00


5 Keys to Superlative Website Design for Family Law

The #1 objective of having an impressive law firm website is to convert visitors into clients.

Aesthetics play a role in rising above the competition, but the primary focus should be on the website’s crucial elements. Creating a visually appealing law firm website will only lead to conversions if it has all the essential components.

What components are required for a successful website?

  • Simple navigation
  • Fast loading time
  • Clear CTAs
  • Impressive social proof like client testimonials, badges, and case studies
  • Web forms such as an attorney contact page

Additionally, a family law attorney website should showcase their legal credentials and experience, emphasizing the personal and sensitive nature of divorce and child custody cases. Positive imagery can be used to convey optimism and hope, while warm tones create a welcoming atmosphere.

Family law firm websites should also offer professional advice and a well-crafted “about us” page with information about the firm’s attorneys, values, and mission statement.

By striking the balance between professionalism and personalization, a family law website can stand out and connect with prospective clients.

1. Site Structure and Calls to Action

The most effective family law websites are appropriately structured to respect on-page SEO optimizations.

What does this mean? A well-structured family law website has the appropriate H title tag structure, SEO title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs.

Another essential component of site structuring is making the most critical pages just one click from the homepage. Family law sites should also have adequate internal linking (both for users’ benefit and search engine purposes).

Calls to action (CTAs) motivate visitors to further site engagement while boosting conversion rates. Family law firms should place them above the fold, with a contact form link and a phone number listed. In addition to placing CTAs in the hero section (the area that appears on the screen under your menu and logo), at least one more section should be dedicated to this on your page.

2. Your Brand and Color Palette

Family law firms need a captivating logo and proper branding to help build a web presence. A clean, professional aesthetic creates credibility and stands out.

Did you know science also proves that choosing the right color palette is crucial in family law website design? In fact, warmer colors are recommended for family law firms because they convey comfort and coziness.

Also ensure the website’s text is large, easy to read, and contrasts well with the webpage’s background color.

Check out more tips from our experts:

  • Choose a palette of two or three colors and stick to them. Adding too many additional colors can make your website look disorderly.
  • Avoid using design elements that conflict. Instead, try to keep things simple, professional, and elegant.
  • Aim to keep your offline marketing consistent with all online efforts.

3. Engaging Content

“Content is king”—but what exactly is “content”?

Content is simply all the information a website provides, including images, videos, copy, blog posts, and CTAs. While content is essential, how it is organized and presented greatly impacts website visitors.

Check out our expert recommendations:

  • On your family law firm homepage, include a keyword-rich hero section (under the header) featuring taglines, CTAs, and social proof.
  • Add a “practice” section that presents your family law practice areas, client reviews, and case studies.
  • In the “about” section, incorporate an attractive background image displaying your team or a happy family.
  • Include more high-quality, relevant images. For authenticity, add attorney pictures or photos of your office. Minimize the use of stock images, be mindful of copyright issues, and ensure photos have high resolution. Lastly, avoid using oversized photos, which can decrease page speed. If necessary, use an image compression tool.

“Content” encompasses well-written blogs and articles, which provide a vital cornerstone for your family law attorney website.

Your prospective clients will have questions as they navigate their sensitive family law issues. That’s where you and your law firm’s website can come in to help. Writing content on topics like child custody, divorce, divorce laws, the divorce process, and grandparents’ rights is an excellent way to connect with your audience and showcase your expertise.

However, content writing shouldn’t just be thrown together. It should have essential components like relevant keywords (for search engine optimization), proper word count, compelling headlines, and well-written meta descriptions.

4. Site Performance and Load Speed

The best family law websites prioritize load speed and performance. These often-overlooked elements are crucial for a seamless user experience and optimal SEO.

According to recent statistics, the average load speed of a website is 10.3 seconds, which is far too long. Did you know that 64% of visitors will not wait that long for a website to load? The optimum webpage loading time is only two or three seconds!

Additionally, 79% of “online time” in the United States is spent on mobile devices, so mobile responsiveness should be considered when designing a family lawyer website.

To achieve maximum load speed, image optimization and compression are vital. Employing caching plugins like WP Rocket and content delivery networks like Cloudflare improve website performance. By implementing these practices, websites can achieve optimal load speed and security, enhancing each user’s experience and positively impacting their SEO results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my family law firm need a website?

A: A well-designed website is an essential marketing and communication tool for family law firms in the digital age. It helps establish credibility, attract potential clients, and provide valuable information, ultimately contributing to the firm’s success and growth.

Q: What makes a law website reliable?

A: A reliable law website instills trust, credibility, and professionalism in its visitors. It communicates the law firm’s expertise and provides valuable information to users seeking legal guidance. It typically has a professional design, accurate information, and a client-centered approach.

Q: How can I get more traffic to my law firm’s website?

A: Increasing traffic to your law firm website requires a combination of strategies to improve visibility, engage your target audience, and rank higher on search engines. You can increase traffic and attract potential clients by trusting a marketing professional to help you with your website’s creation, optimization, and monitoring.

3 Website Design Mistakes for a Family Lawyer to Avoid

Improper site structure: A website that is not structured correctly and lacks on-page optimization will likely experience challenges related to search engine rankings, user experience, and overall success.

Sluggish performance: A slow site load speed can negatively impact the user experience and the family law firm’s website performance.

Poor functionality: When a website appears outdated and has poor functionality, it leaves a negative first impression and leads to decreased user engagement.

Ready to Elevate Your Family Law Firm’s Online Presence?

Family law web designers understand the ins and outs of creating law firm websites, including site structure, strategic CTA placement, crafting compelling content, and adding relevant imagery.

When family law attorneys allow a marketing professional to lead the way, they ensure their website reflects their firm’s objectives, adheres to industry best practices, and provides a powerful tool for connecting with potential clients.

While the professionals at Constellation Marketing begin with your initial website development, the collaboration doesn’t end there. The team monitors and uses data analysis to make informed improvements to your family law website and SEO strategy.

By analyzing user behavior, traffic patterns, and other metrics to optimize the website’s performance, Constellation‘s team promotes your law firm’s growth and helps you rise above the competition in unique ways. Ready to increase your firm’s monthly revenue by up to 300%? Contact us today to discuss your options!

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