Lindsay del Valle

Director of Content

Short Bio:

Lindsay brings over five years of expertise in content strategy, production, and team management to her current role in legal marketing. She has a distinguished track record of creating internal training programs and significantly enhancing content creation processes and quality standards in her current legal marketing role and her former position in bilingual education marketing. 


As the Content Director at Constellation Marketing, Lindsay is crucial in redefining the approach to legal marketing content. Managing a multi-talented team of 16, including writers, editors, and graphic designers, she oversees the production of over 200 monthly pieces of content. This includes essential website pages, fact-checked legal content, engaging social media posts, and effective email marketing campaigns.

Lindsay’s prowess isn’t limited to just management. She excels in keyword research, SEO, editorial planning, and content governance. But what sets her apart is her masterful creation of internal workflows and training materials—a system so efficient it’s termed the “Gold Standard” within her team. Beyond just setting the bar high, she ensures everyone reaches it.

About our content process:

Our content creation process is designed to meet the unique needs of your law practice, ensuring quality, accuracy, and relevancy every step of the way. It starts with detailed content briefs that outline your firm’s specific focus area for each topic. Then, an editor with legal experience reviews these briefs for clarity, accuracy, and alignment with your goals. Next, our writers, who have academic, research, or legal backgrounds, craft the content based on the guidance from the brief. After writing, qualified editors refine the draft, ensuring it meets our Gold Standard Scoring System for excellence. Throughout the process, we utilize top-tier SEO tools to guarantee your content isn’t just compelling but also discoverable.