242% Increase in Leads

Masterson Law has amassed hundreds of lucrative, first-page rankings leading to a 242% increase in monthly leads.

Masterson Law

Masterson Law now generates nearly 200 inquiries per month.

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Starting Point

Masterson Law is a family law firm in Springfield, Missouri. The firm was on a path that’s familiar for many new law firms, starting out with just a basic website. Competing against established firms with years of experience in the market for leads was an uphill battle. Constellation Marketing began with a complete website rebuild and developed a plan for the firm to rank for the most lucrative (and competitive) keywords in their market.

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Masterson has over 3,000 new visitors every month

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Masterson is ranking for 6,071 keywords

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230% increase in users


“Patrick has done a fantastic job working for my small domestic law firm in increasing our visibility and generating solid leads for new business. Our market is highly competitive, yet Patrick has met our goals with consistent and smart work. Without his help, my practice wouldn’t have grown so quickly and successfully. I find his company to be an integral part of our business growth and would readily recommend him to any business owner.”
Summer Masterson

Summer Masterson,
Masterson Law


Masterson Law now commands an online presence that is easily one of the most powerful in her market and the entire state of Missouri. Starting at zero, Constellation designed a content and promotion strategy to capture the family law market. The site now occupies numerous first page positions for the most lucrative keywords and attracts over 2,700 visitors from organic search. As a result, the website now generates nearly 200 inquiries per month.

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