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Friday, April 2, 2021

12:00 noon – 1:00 PM

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  • Date: April 2, 2021
  • Price: $25
  • Includes 1.2 hours MO CLE

Sometimes it can seem as though jurors are making decisions at random. But here’s actually a science behind how jurors make decisions. From our years of research, we have explored key factors that influence juror decision making. From this experience we have learned that one of the strongest influences on the decision reached by a juror is how they comprehend the competing case stories. That is, jurors tend to think in narratives and the side that can develop the best narrative, by using effective and memorable themes, tends to gain the support of most jurors. This presentation will focus on common defense vulnerabilities and the themes and strategies to combat them.

Meet your Speakers

NICK POLAVIN, PH.D., has eight years of experience in jury research and the legal field. He earned a Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in Communication —with concentrations in Decision Psychology and Social Psychology. Nick’s research focuses on how jurors process information, their biases, and how they determine damage awards. At Litigation Insights, he uses this knowledge and experience both in-court assisting with jury selection and in developing themes and recommendations for trial based on mock trials and focus groups.

KATRINA COOK, PH.D., has a background in Cognitive Psychology and Communication Studies (emphasis in legal communication). Dr. Katrina Cook has specialized training and experience in not only designing and implementing focus groups and mock trial exercises, but also moderating small group discussions. Her qualitative and quantitative analysis skills has provided her a strong foundation for developing juror questionnaires that capture the critical attitudes and experiences that define the case-specific juror profiles used during jury deselection.

MERRIE JO PITERA, PH.D., has 31 years of trial consulting experience. Dr. Merrie Jo Pitera is a psychology and communication expert who assists clients in all litigation genres to better connect with jurors, judges, and arbitrators by developing persuasive case narratives via mock trials and focus groups. Her specialty is improving witness communication skills from a seasoned witness to the novice.

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