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Dec 1, 2021

Patrick Carver

Hi, I’m Patrick Carver / CEO of Constellation Marketing

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The biggest complaint we hear about SEO is that it just takes too long and we agree.

We love search engine optimization because it provides a sustainable pipeline of new clients and a great return on investment.

But, this doesn’t come overnight and that can be infuriating and make you feel like it’s never going to work.

So we studied a way to rank faster — and the results were incredible.

With our Rapid Ranking Process, we can deliver rankings 40% faster.

For this test, we created 20 pages of content with our new Rapid Rankings approach and compared that to 20 ‘regular’ pages of content.

  • 95% of the pages were successfully indexed by Google within 15 days of the creation compared to only 50% of the regular pages
  • More than 80% of pages already had multiple keyword rankings by day 15
  • Multiple pages were already ranking on the first page in under 15 days


Big Takeaway


You don’t have to be satisfied with indefinite SEO timelines. Achieving perfection does take time – but we have some tricks that can help you get a jump on the competition!

  • Results with standard SEO processes: rankings take up to 12 months
  • Results with our Rapid Ranking Process: rankings in a few weeks

rapid ranking process

Once you’re on the first or second page of search engine results, that’s when your phone starts ringing and your inbox fills up. And to do that within a few weeks, compared to within months?

That’s why this is a big deal for our clients. More cases, but faster.


How Do We Do It?


We can’t give up the secret sauce, but the success lies with a multi-tier publishing process. We’re able to develop SEO-optimized content and most importantly, publish it in a fraction of the time that it takes other SEO providers to.


How Can This Help My Firm?

no kw1 help my firm

Picture this: you’ve just opened a new firm. You have a few clients from referrals and the like, but not enough to keep the doors open for long. You hire a marketing company and they promise the world — but then you find out it’ll be 6-12 months before they expect your site to reach the first page of Google.

Or this: you’re *this close* to being able to expand your business. Hire another attorney and maybe even some support staff. You’ve been working on SEO (and ads, and your website) for a while now, but the trouble is, so has your competition. One month you gain ground and see a few more clients come in the door, but the next month your competition is a step ahead and you just aren’t sure you can afford the expansion. What can you do – fast?

We’ve heard it a hundred times: “I know I should do SEO, but I need results NOW.

And we finally have the answer. Our Rapid Ranking Process can deliver rankings 40% faster.

Patrick Carver

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