Should I Join LMA?

Feb 5, 2021

Patrick Carver
Founder, Constellation Marketing

These days, it’s not enough to be good at your job. Somewhere in between finding clients, preparing cases, and keeping up to date with new laws and regulations, customers count on you to devise new strategies for attracting business.

As with most industries, joining a professional network like the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) offers several advantages for newbies and seasoned legal marketers alike.


What is the LMA?

Launched in 1985, this non-profit is the premier resource for law professionals, industry consultants, and legal marketers throughout the world. The goal of the organization is to provide a forum and support system for those with a vested interest in maintaining high professional standards.

Membership is open to legal practitioners, marketers, and those involved with related industries and support services. They region-based groups throughout the United States and Canada as well as at-large membership opportunities for applicants who live outside of North America.

The organization strives to cast a wide net to attract new members and form associations to create a true, tight-knit community within your wider professional network.

Because the field of law is highly specialized and ever-evolving, affiliation with an industry-related network of legal marketing professionals provides education, support, and a range of growth opportunities that were created and tailored to benefit members both personally and professionally.

However, the group offers more than just the prestige of membership. In addition to perks like an extensive online library, educational support, and a world-wide community, joining the LMA provides a range of advantages.


The Benefits of Joining the Legal Marketing Association

Legal Marketing Association LMA Membership

From clubs at school to alumni associations and unions, joining professional or social networks has always been considered an effortless means of broadening your personal and professional network.

LMA membership provides access to a community of peers and industry connections. Joining this professional association also gives you access to training and leadership opportunities, and it demonstrates to clients a higher level of commitment and passion.

The mission of the LMA is to become more than just another professional association to add to your CV. Benefits are geared toward your level of industry involvement and expertise.

For example, those who are new to legal marketing will be exposed to networking and educational opportunities that will help in your transition from neophyte to seasoned pro. Check out the LMA QuickStart® program and get up to speed in no time.

More experienced law practitioners and marketers will find advanced learning programs, access to research studies, and other ways to further their professional standing. That includes mentoring programs and other leadership opportunities.

Other benefits of LMA membership include peer-to-peer programs and participation with in-house membership, access to research regarding marketing and legal trends, and other ways to increase your own knowledge base and grow your brand. Their extensive catalog of resources, service providers, and even job banks are available to the global LMA community.

Membership is renewed annually and available on different levels, including individual memberships, groups, and student programs.

Paying a membership fee to learn more about how to market your law firm may or may not be right for you. In some cases, it is easier to simply outsource your marketing efforts to other professionals. Or, you may need a group like the LMA as a springboard to help get you started, but once you get the hang of it, you may no longer feel it is beneficial. The choice will be unique for each attorney or small firm owner.

Legal Marketing Association Professional Development

Final Thoughts

Whether you’ve considered entering a specialized niche or you’re already an experienced legal marketer, you can’t help clients if they don’t know what you have to offer. Joining an industry-specific professional association will give you an advantage over those who choose to fly solo.

The LMA’s goal is to provide support and a carefully curated knowledge base that’s tailored for legal marketing professionals, however it is available for a fee – which may not be right for everyone.

If you need a little help shaping your outreach strategy, Constellation Marketing has hundreds of free ideas for growing your business.