278% Increase in Leads

Tadeo & Silva Immigration Attorneys continue to grow with a steady pipeline of targeted leads. 

Tadeo & Silva Immigration Attorneys command over 160 first page keyword rankings on Google

Starting Point

Peter Tadeo and Massiel Silva Tadeo were ready to establish their own firm, but were starting from scratch. Constellation Marketing helped the powerhouse couple develop their presence in the highly-competitive Atlanta immigration market without breaking the bank. The pair had experience with the big law firm marketing companies from their previous firms but wanted more value.

Tadeo & Silva got a 295% increase in leads


“Patrick and his team are phenomenal! They have helped our business grow significantly. Patrick is dependable,creative and very knowledgeable in his area expertise. Highly recommend Constellation Marketing!“

Massiel Silva Tadeo,
Tadeo & Silva Immigration Attorneys


The firm has quickly established itself as a premier immigration firm in Atlanta, increasing monthly inquiries from 50 to 189, a 278% increase. Tadeo & Silva command over 160 first page keyword rankings and continue to grow. A unique aspect of the firm’s digital success has been the development of bilingual content, optimized for search. This strategy continues to pay huge dividends for the firm.

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