Bankruptcy Attorney Marketing: Strategies to Land High-Stakes Clients

Jul 29, 2023

Patrick Carver

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Are you in search of bankruptcy attorney marketing strategies that make a real difference? Interested in boosting your monthly client intake? Want to draw in high-ticket clients who acknowledge your worth? You’re in the right place.

We aren’t going to regurgitate generic strategies you could stumble upon elsewhere. So, why heed our advice? Over the past year, we’ve escalated revenues for bankruptcy law firms by $20,000-$50,000+ monthly. Numerous firms have climbed from the mid six-figure range to amassing over a million dollars in yearly earnings.

Why is Marketing Crucial for my Bankruptcy Law Practice?

  1. Referrals Alone Will Not Scale Your Practice While referrals are valuable, they’re sporadic and challenging to scale. To hit your financial targets, diversifying your business sources is imperative.
  2. Potential Clients Depend on Search Engines to Find Their Lawyer As per the National Law Review, a whopping 96% of individuals turn to a search engine to find their legal counsel. Without consistent efforts, your chance of naturally appearing in the top search results is slim.
  3. Don’t Let Competitors Snap Up The Best Cases In any market size, the best cases are finite. Don’t let superior marketing strategies of lesser attorneys rob you of the finest cases.

Search Engine Optimization for Bankruptcy Attorneys

In the past five years, we’ve generated thousands of leads for bankruptcy attorneys, with Search Engine Optimization being the primary source. While our focus on SEO could be one reason, it holds true for our clients who principally use advertising as their main marketing ploy.

Why is SEO our top strategy?

  • It enables you to attract potential clients at different stages of the sales funnel.
  • It allows almost limitless scaling of your efforts by covering bankruptcy law topics potential clients need to be aware of.
  • If executed well, your lead acquisition cost will be far lower than any other marketing method, barring referrals.
  • Simply put, it works.

Let’s delve into some key elements of a successful SEO campaign.


Your law firm website plays a pivotal role in a fruitful SEO strategy. Google prioritizes high-performing websites that effectively answer user queries. Fast loading times, responsive design, and modern technology mark high-ranking bankruptcy law sites.


High-quality, comprehensive content on your law firm’s website is arguably the backbone of your marketing strategy. Content is the core of an SEO campaign and critical to your overall online success.

Local Search

Did you know Google employs a separate algorithm for ‘local’ searches? The section that includes a map in the search results can be a game changer for bankruptcy attorneys. Landing on the map when someone is in urgent need of legal advice is potent. These searches are determined by your vicinity, reputation, and various other signals.

Here’s a pro tip: consistently garner reviews to rank higher in the results.

SEO for law firms is a complex task that requires mastery in keyword research, link building, on-page optimization, technical optimization, and more.

Advertising for Bankruptcy Attorneys

Over the past year, we’ve managed substantial advertising investments for our clients.

Google PPC & Bing

Pay-per-click advertising on Google remains the gold standard for bankruptcy law firms. It offers scalability like no other. Despite rising costs over the years, it continues to offer unique advantages:

  • ROI is impressive. Depending on your niche, a single case can generate a significant profit.
  • Campaigns can be up and running in a few days and can realistically add clients within the first month.

Google Local Service Advertising

If PPC is the champion, Google’s Local Service Ads (LSAs) is a strong contender. LSAs can be an incredible source of new clients as they work on a pay-per-lead model. You can even dispute leads that don’t match your targeting.

While LSAs are easy to use, there are certain downsides, such as potential competition from other attorneys and Google’s apparent favor of recency in lead distribution.

Facebook Advertising

Steer clear of this. Our extensive testing shows that while Facebook is adept at generating leads, the leads seldom translate into paying clients due to poor lead quality.

Lifetime Value Strategies

As a bankruptcy firm owner, it’s crucial to perfect your inbound client acquisition system. But don’t overlook strategies to increase the lifetime value of your clientele.

Consistently getting reviews, leveraging email marketing, maximizing social media, and nurturing your professional network can all contribute to increasing the lifetime value of your clients.

Finally, establishing your reputation as an authority in your market and resorting to direct mail, although traditional, can still yield dividends. However, compared to SEO and advertising, direct mail’s ROI is lower. It is best used as a supplement to an already thriving marketing strategy.

In conclusion, regardless of the strategy, the end goal is to land more clients and grow your practice. Let us guide you through that journey.

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