3,000+ Users Every Month

The Law Offices of Andrew Nickel consistently receive thousands of dollars in free traffic from Google.

The Law Offices of Andrew Nickel ranks for 298 first page Google keywords

Starting Point

Prior to working with Constellation, The Law Offices of Andrew Nickel, a criminal law firm, received around 50 new visitors from Google each month. The firm was only ranking for their own name and found new leads outside of referrals hard to come by.

The Law Offices of Andrew Nickel got 660 new leads from their website in 2021 so far


“I opened my office about eight years ago, did my own website and employed the typical marketing strategies used by lawyers in my area. I tracked my referral sources for a few years and only a handful came from my website; maybe 5% of my total calls. I tried to do some Search Engine Optimization myself in the hopes of even showing up on a Google search, but soon realized it would take a ton of time and energy to see any actual impact. I looked at local SEO firms and saw that the same couple of people do SEO for nearly all of the law firms in my area. How can a company improve my Google ranking while simultaneously trying to do the exact same thing for my direct competitors?
A friend from out-of-state sent me to Constellation, who does the web stuff for her law firm. They did not work with anyone else in my area and I learned they will not do business with my competitors, which was huge to me. I have been working with Patrick for over a year and the difference I have seen in my internet traffic is astounding. Patrick rebuilt my website from scratch and began doing the SEO work. As is always the case with SEO, the changes took a month or two so be visible, but more than 50% of my new clients are coming from the internet. I also get a lot of compliments on the website itself.
From my end, things are very hands-off. Patrick and his team take care of everything. I get a monthly statistical report and Patrick periodically checks in with new ideas and strategies. I am extremely grateful for Patrick’s work, which is why this review is a novel. Highly recommended!”

Andrew Nickel,
Law Offices of Andrew Nickel


Fast forward to today, and the firm is an SEO juggernaut in the State of Illinois. The firm’s site now sees an average of over 6,000 users per month, all from organic search. The value of that traffic on a monthly basis exceeds $15,000, generating a massive ROI. Even though the firm is located in a small suburb in metropolitan Chicago, they command top positions for numerous highly-lucrative, statewide keywords.

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