Website Lead Conversion Tactics:
Chat Edition

A webinar presented by Constellation Marketing & Gideon Software


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You Won’t Want to Miss This Webinar

Join us on November 18th and walk away with a real understanding of what potential clients expect from your firm — and how you can provide it to them. 

Legal consumers online have a need, a need for speed.

Your law firm leads won’t wait for you to get back to them, at your leisure. If they cannot immediately engage your firm online, they’re off like a shot – to look for another provider

Law firms spend lots of money and expend lots of efforts to get leads to their website. Then, what happens? Most often, not much. And, frustrated legal consumers move on, to try to find the elusive, responsive law firm – which can be like trying to get a picture of Bigfoot.

Fortunately, modern engagement tools exist to get leads to stick at your website, and take a next step. And, that can be the different between losing a lead, and closing a new client.

In this fast-paced and instructive webinar, we’ll discuss what modern legal consumers want, and how a website chat and scheduling tool answers for that need.

We’ll also address how chat tools can be a game-changer for document assembly within law firms. Using a client-facing conversational interface makes the biggest law firm efficiency upgrade even better.

Featuring Jared Correia, Esq., COO of Gideon Software

Jared is a former practicing attorney and a nationally recognized law firm business management consultant with a focus on technology.

He is a speaker and writer on law practice management topics, and is the former lead management consultant for the Massachusetts State Supreme Court and a former executive at LEAP Software. He is an advocate of data-centric management in legal.