Avvo Lawyer Directory: Your Go-To Guide for Finding Legal Help

Mar 18, 2024

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How It Works

Avvo connects you with legal professionals and simplifies the process of finding the right attorney for your needs with its comprehensive directory and various services.

Brief History Of the Directory

Avvo, founded in Seattle by Mark Britton, launched with a mission to demystify legal services. As a part of Martindale-Avvo since 2018, Avvo is particularly attuned to legal professionals keen on expanding their client base.

Free Services

Avvo’s free services include creating a professional profile, which offers a platform for attorneys to showcase their expertise and credentials to potential clients. It’s a straightforward way for you, as a lawyer, to get listed and make connections.

Paid Services

To maximize exposure, Avvo introduced “Avvo Pro” and “Avvo Advertising” for attorneys desiring pronounced presence. They expertly offer website development and tailored advertising campaigns. Such services are indeed crafted to elevate your practice, potentially increasing monthly revenue by over threefold, which is in line with the efforts of agencies like Constellation Marketing.

Profile Optimization

Creating an optimized profile on platforms like Avvo can be a game changer for your law firm, boosting visibility and credibility in focused areas such as bankruptcy or personal injury law.

Reasons to Get a Profile

You want your firm to stand out, right? An Avvo profile rockets you ahead of the fray with its stellar reputation among state bar associations and legal professionals. By showcasing positive reviews and a strong rating, you signal to potential clients that you’re the go-to attorney for their legal issues.

How to Get the Profile

Starting your Avvo journey is straightforward. Fill out every detail, from your practice areas to your recent case outcomes. Did you know that a profile 95% complete can notably hike up your rating? For that perfect score, add an Avvo badge to your firm’s site; it’s the last piece of the puzzle to reach 100% completion.

By cementing a robust online presence through strategic SEO practices, just as we do here at Constellation Marketing, you’re not just adapting; you’re thriving. It’s about being seen, and with a polished Avvo profile, you’re not just visible; you’re a beacon for those in need of legal expertise in your field.


When choosing a lawyer, clients consider an attorney’s Avvo Rating and reviews to gauge their credibility and peer recognition. These elements can make or break your firm’s online reputation.

Is Getting Reviews Here Important?

You bet! Your firm’s Avvo Rating is not just a number – it’s a reflection of your hard-won experience and knowledge. High ratings coupled with positive reviews signal to prospective clients that you’re excellent at what you do, be it bankruptcy, criminal defense, or any other practice area.

How to Get Reviews

Gaining reviews might seem daunting, but it’s all about showcasing the good work you’ve done. Ask satisfied clients or peers to share their experiences. A sterling Avvo Rating can jumpstart your firm’s growth, much like how Constellation Marketing powers up law firms like yours with tailored SEO and compelling websites.

Is It Worth It?

Enhancing Online Presence

Creating an Avvo profile can be a valuable asset for your law firm. As a platform that aggregates data from the state bar association and gathers attorney reviews, it serves as a resource for potential clients seeking legal help. Your profile displays your experience, client feedback, and an Avvo rating, all of which contribute to your online reputation. For a law firm focused on growth, especially in practice areas such as family law or divorce, a comprehensive Avvo profile could be a decisive factor for someone ready to hire a lawyer.

Lead Generation & Authority

By professionally showcasing your firm’s skills on Avvo, you leverage the benefit of Constellation Marketing’s expertise in SEO, driving targeted online traffic directly to your services. Incorporating their strategy, your firm’s visibility is amplified, potentially increasing your monthly revenue significantly. Avvo not only supports lead generation but also helps establish your firm as an authority in your field, which is crucial for law firm owners determined to expand their business.


Does Buying Avvo Ads Affect My Rating?

No. Buying ads on Avvo will not sway your rating. That score is anchored in your experience, state bar associations’ cast-in-stone credentials, and peer reviews. Remember, that crisp rating is a blend of many factors.

Need to Remove Your Listing?

Got a change of heart? If you wish to erase your profile from Avvo, the process is straightforward. Just reach out to Avvo’s support, and they’ll assist you.

Now, let’s talk about utilizing Avvo to its full potential. Whether your expertise lies in family law or estate planning, Constellation Marketing can augment your stature in the legal cosmos. Their mastery is in turning your legal practice into a beacon through SEO finesse and bespoke advertising. Fuel your firm’s growth and jettison your revenues skyward—because owning your marketing materials and outranking competitors is just the beginning.

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