Website Design for Law Firms in 2024: Top Sites by Practice Area + Expert Tips

Dec 21, 2021

Patrick Carver

Patrick Carver, CEO & Founder, Constellation Marketing

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Is your law firm’s online presence falling short?

Imagine a website that not only showcases your expertise but also magnetically attracts more clients, boosting your revenue effortlessly.

We’re unveiling the blueprint of a law firm website that sets you apart, ensuring your practice is the first choice for potential clients.

With our insights, watch as your firm ascends to unprecedented success, leaving competitors and uncertainty behind.

Ready to command the digital landscape? Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

3 Principles of Great Law Firm Websites

One foundational aspect of a law firm’s online marketing strategy is its website. Constellation‘s approach to a winning law firm website design emphasizes several crucial elements:

Website Optimization

Site optimization covers elements like site speed, user-friendly experience, and compatibility with mobile devices. Mastering these helps you rank better in search results. Your attorney website should not only attract visitors but also position itself as the primary resource for legal information in your practice area.

Law Firm Credibility

Establishing instant credibility on your law firm’s website is imperative. This credibility stems from an aesthetically pleasing website that demonstrates your law firm’s dedication to its profession. It should also showcase your expertise, highlighting past successes and how you guide clients through cases.

Easy Contact Options

The ultimate goal is to convert website visitors into new clients, right? An effective law firm website simplifies the process of contacting you, incorporating multiple methods such as phone calls, online forms, and chat options throughout the site. This approach leads to more clients for your law firm!

The 5 Best Law Firm Websites in 2024 by Practice Area 

Good law firm websites are a dime a dozen. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Let’s explore the best law firm websites in multiple practice areas.

Why We’re Experts on Choosing the Best Law Firm Websites

Constellation Marketing has been in the business of law firm marketing and law firm website design for years, so we know how to identify the best law firm websites out there.

According to our Chief Technology Officer, Aleksandar Petrovic, “We’ve built over 150 law firm websites, which is around 20 per year. Collectively, our team has over 30 years of experience in website development and design.”

How We Chose the Law Firm Website Winners

We selected the best law firm sites not only by the aesthetics of the law firm’s online presence but also by carefully measuring four elements of lawyer website design:

  • Internal links
  • H tag structure
  • SEO titles and descriptions
  • Internal and external links

A great law firm’s website performance encompasses factors like site load speed and Google core web vitals. To investigate each website, we used state-of-the-art tools such as Ahrefs, GTMetrix, and Google PageSpeed insights.

Aleksandar shares how law firm websites receive their rating scores: “Aesthetic design, performance, and structure are rated from 0 to 100, and then the average of the three scores is taken to determine a website’s overall score. For example, if a website scores a 90 for design, a 95 for structure, and a 90 for performance, the site’s overall score is 92.

“So, it’s not only important to have a beautiful site, it must also perform well. Search engines like Google do not care about ‘pretty,’ they care about excellent site structure and performance.”

Top 5 Bankruptcy Law Firm Website Designs

1. Borowitz & Clark –

2. Cressman Law –

3. Bymaster Bankruptcy –

4. Henkels & Baker –

5. Law Office of D.L. Drain, P.A. –

To learn more about how these law firm websites stand out and why they boast winning GTMetrix scores, check out Why Should I Invest in Website Design for My Bankruptcy Law Firm?

Top 5 Criminal Defense Law Firm Websites

1. Farnsworth & Murphy LLC –

2. Carver + Associates –

3. The Waltman Firm –

4. Strategic Criminal Defence –

5. Kohlmeyer Hagen, Law Office Chtd. –

Discover more about these incredible law firm website designs here: 50 Outstanding Website Designs for Criminal Defense Law Firms.

Top 5 Estate Planning Law Firm Websites

1. Blake Harris Law –

2. Wood Law Group –

3. Barr & Young –

4. Russell Law –

5. The Law Office of Paul Black –

Take a deep dive into what makes these five the best law firm websites by checking out 50 Impressive Website Designs for Estate Planning Attorneys.

Top 5 Family Law Firm Websites

1. Kirker Davis –

2. Modern Law –

3. YLAW –

4. Romanowska Law –

5. The Harris Law Firm –

Read more about the best family law firm websites and why they work so well by exploring Top 50 Website Designs for Family Lawyers.

Top 5 Immigration Law Firm Websites

1. Tadeo & Silva –

2. Manji Law –

3. Siskind Susser PC –

4. IMMpact Litigation –

5. Joseph & Hall –

To explore more of the best law firm websites in this niche, don’t miss the Top 50 Website Designs for Immigration Lawyers.

Top 5 Personal Injury Law Firm Websites

1. Dolman Law Group –

2. Deitch & Rogers –

3. Parris –

4. West Coast Trial Lawyers –

5. The Bettersworth Law Firm –

Check out what makes each personal injury law firm website so impressive here: The 50 Best Personal Injury Lawyer Websites.

Do-It-Yourself Website Versus Professional Law Firm Web Design

law firm web design DIY

The choice between a DIY website design and using a professional marketing company like Constellation depends on your budget, time availability, technical skills, and the importance you place on having a polished, professionally optimized law firm website.

Pros and Cons of DIY Website Design for Law Firms


  1. Cost-Effective. DIY website builders are generally more budget-friendly upfront, making them attractive if you have limited financial resources.
  2. Quick Setup. DIY platforms offer pre-made templates and user-friendly interfaces, enabling you to set up a basic website quickly.


  1. Limited Customization. DIY platforms have design and functionality limitations, so you may struggle to create a unique website that truly represents your law firm’s brand.
  2. Lack of Professionalism. DIY websites often lack the polished look and feel of professionally designed sites, diminishing your law firm’s credibility.
  3. Time-Consuming. Despite the user-friendly interfaces, creating a professional-looking website demands time and effort.
  4. SEO Challenges. DIY attorney websites typically aren’t optimized for search engines, which reduces online visibility and your ability to expand beyond your existing clients.

Pros and Cons of Using a Marketing Agency for Law Firm Website Design


  1. Professional. A professional team can create a law firm website design that exudes credibility. Custom designs tailored to your brand enhance trust among potential clients.
  2. Customized. Website professionals will craft a unique law firm website design tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring the site stands out among your competitors.
  3. Efficient. By delegating your large or small law firm website design to a professional, you’ll have more time and energy to focus on your legal practice.
  4. Optimized. Web design professionals understand SEO best practices, ensuring that lawyer websites are optimized for search engines, which enhances online visibility.


  1. Cost. Professional website design involves an investment. For attorneys on a tight budget, this financial consideration might require careful planning.
  2. Collaborative Process. While partnering with a professional yields exceptional results, it may occasionally lead to slight delays in implementing immediate changes to a website.

Web Design Options for DIY Lawyer Websites

Law firms aiming to complete their own website design have several user-friendly website builder options, each catering to different needs of small business owners.

  • Wix stands out for its array of website templates, offering visually appealing designs for law firms.
  • Squarespace is renowned for its blogging tools, making it ideal for firms that prioritize content creation and engagement.
  • WordPress offers many customization options for law firms seeking advanced control over their website’s design and functionality.

Why Your Law Firm Should Consider Professional Website Design

With a combined experience of over 30 years, the website design team at Constellation brings unparalleled design knowledge to the table, ensuring your website looks visually stunning and encourages prospective clients.

We don’t just create law firm websites; we craft digital experiences that focus on SEO, website aesthetics, and performance and structure, ensuring your firm stands out from the digital clutter.

What sets us apart is our track record of success. We’ve empowered numerous law firms to soar to new heights, growing their firm’s global outreach, and increasing their monthly revenue by over 300%.

Expert Checklist for the Perfect Law Website Design

law firm web design checklist

Are you embarking on the journey to create an impactful law firm website design? Here are 11 insights and expert recommendations to build a website design that reflects your legal expertise and captivates your prospective client.

1. Put Your Website Visitors First

Understanding that attention spans are shrinking is a primary key to designing an attorney website that truly resonates with your audience. The best law firm websites prioritize your website visitors by helping them find what they need quickly. Failing to do so will result in visitors moving on to your competitors.

One practical approach is testing the usability of your law firm website and enlisting the input of others. Additionally, implementing easy-to-use navigation acts as a guiding thread, letting visitors explore your website, find pertinent information, and engage with your content.

To help ensure their experience is effortless, incorporate essential pages such as:

  • Practice areas
  • Testimonials
  • Contact page
  • About us

By putting your website visitors first in your design approach, you create an inviting digital space that captures attention and encourages prolonged engagement.

2. Target Your Ideal Client

One secret to website perfection lies in understanding your ideal client. Dive into the intricate nuances of your typical client’s aspirations, fears, and emotions. Immerse yourself in their state of mind. Then, armed with this intimate knowledge, craft your website as a tailored experience curated for them.

Choose imagery that resonates with their journey, craft copy that speaks directly to their heart, and design your website in a style that mirrors their aspirations.

For instance, a traditional design exudes trust and authority, perfect for business law clients, whereas a sleek, modern site might resonate better with young parents seeking estate planning services.

3. Display Your Professionalism, Credibility, and Trustworthiness

Picture your law firm website as a grand stage where you showcase your experience, accolades, and industry affiliations through a tapestry of member badges and awards that glisten with prestige.

Web pages should resonate with the resounding voices of satisfied clients, weaving testimonials and success stories throughout the website. This tactic lets them know your law firm isn’t just another legal service provider but a trusted partner, a powerhouse of experience and reliability.

By splashing your professionalism and credibility across every corner of your website, you establish credibility, instilling the confidence to turn a curious visitor into a loyal client.

4. Make Your Law Firm’s Contact Information Easy to Find

The best law firm websites make client interaction seamless by providing easy-to-find contact information. Think of it as planting signposts across a digital landscape, guiding a potential client straight to your law firm’s door.

These signposts, or calls-to-action (CTAs), should be strategically sprinkled across multiple locations on your website, beckoning visitors to connect. Here’s the secret: it’s not just about placing your contact details. It’s also about infusing them into the essence of your site.

Expert tip: Regularly test your web page contact systems, ensuring that all online forms and phone numbers are in working order.

5. Create an Incredible First Impression

Did you know that website visitors judge your website design within 50 milliseconds of viewing it?

If this tells us anything, it’s that your website’s hero area—the section that shows up on the screen under your law firm’s logo and menu—must create an unforgettable first impression. Imagine it as the front door to your legal services. You want it to be nothing short of amazing!

Through captivating visuals, succinct messaging, and an ambiance representing your law firm’s brand, you can win prospective clients over, leaving them with no doubt that they’ve you’ll provide them with expert solutions.

6. Communicate the Services You Offer

Your virtual space should act as a beacon, guiding visitors on the legal challenges you can expertly navigate.

Your law firm website should include well-structured practice area pages that serve as in-depth narratives, rich with details about your expertise, past cases, and results achieved.

These pages are not just informational; they’re testimonials of your proficiency, assuring potential clients that your team will master their legal concerns.

7. Invest in Professional Branding

Think of your law firm website branding as creating a distinctive signature, one that echoes your firm’s principles and resonates with prospective clients.

Check out several of our expert branding tips below:

  • Develop clear and concise branding guidelines.
  • Map out your preferred fonts, color palette, and overall aesthetic.
  • Invest in high-quality, professional photography for your headshots.
  • Choose images that will resonate deeply with your ideal client.

Simply put: Your website’s branding should paint a vivid picture of your firm’s character and competence, drawing new clients in with its authenticity and charm.

8. Remember Law Firm SEO

Key SEO elements like titles, meta descriptions, headers, and content are essential for law firm website design.

Aim to craft compelling titles that encapsulate the essence of your page, weaving in strategic keywords to enhance discoverability. Ensure you create fascinating meta descriptions, which act as alluring previews to entice visitors to dive deeper.

Additionally, headers should not just organize content but serve as signposts, guiding users and search engines through your pages.

Lastly, your website’s content should identify the purpose of each page, integrating essential keywords without compromising the narrative flow.

9. Ensure Your Law Firm Website Design is Mobile-Friendly

Consider this statistic: A staggering 58.33% of global website traffic originates from mobile phones, underlining the paramount importance of catering to this vast audience.

Your law firm website—essentially your virtual “storefront”—must offer a seamless user experience, regardless of the device visitors use.

In today’s fast-paced world, where potential clients navigate law firm websites from the palm of their hands, a bad mobile experience can shatter your lead conversion rates. Therefore, a responsive and mobile-friendly law firm website design isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.

10. Optimize your Law Firm Website for Speed

It’s essential to recognize the value of speed in enhancing user satisfaction and trust. Investing in a hosting service and leveraging a Content Delivery Network (CDN) are strategic imperatives.

Large images, although visually enticing, often slow down website loading speed and hinder seamless navigation. In the fast-paced digital landscape, a slow-loading website is akin to a closed door, turning prospective clients away before they even step in.

By ensuring swift loading times, you create a virtual space that welcomes visitors with open arms, encouraging them to explore, engage, and convert.

11. Follow Rules of Professional Conduct

In the art of law firm website design, paying close attention to compliance with the rules of professional conduct is non-negotiable. It’s more than a checkbox: it’s the foundation of your firm’s reputation within and beyond the legal industry.

Familiarity with the rules of your state’s bar organization and any unique restrictions is essential. Your website should be a digital reflection of your commitment to ethical and legal standards.

Additionally, ensuring ADA compliance is both a legal requirement and a testament to inclusion and accessibility. By embracing these regulations and standards, you affirm your dedication to serving all clients, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds.

Elevate Your Law Firm Website Design to New Heights

law firm web design elevate

Today, we dissected the core principles of the best law firm websites and explored winning designs tailored for diverse practice areas. Armed with our expert checklist, you are empowered to craft the best law firm website.

At Constellation Marketing, we understand the nuances of legal marketing and have designed and optimized many law firm websites. Our development team excels at transforming the principles we outline into visually stunning, functional, and effective sites.

When you partner with us, you’re not just creating a website; you’re investing in a growth partner dedicated to transforming your online presence, driving substantial client engagement, and propelling your law firm toward unparalleled success. Contact us today, and let’s craft your digital success story together!

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