Avvo Reviews: Should You Trust Them?

Jan 11, 2024

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Introduced in 2006, Avvo provides lawyers with a comprehensive platform to showcase their knowledge and reach more potential clients. With millions of monthly users, Avvo is an excellent tool for legal professionals looking to connect with a diverse clientele.

A crucial aspect of Avvo is attorney reviews. Clients can rate lawyers and leave comments about the lawyer’s communication, knowledge, and overall satisfaction. However, a pertinent question arises concerning the reliability of Avvo reviews. Given the subjective nature of user reviews, lawyers should consider factors such as authenticity and biases.

Today, we’ll unravel the ins and outs of Avvo reviews and offer insights into the credibility of this widely utilized platform.


Understanding Avvo and Its Review System


To start, it’s essential to understand the dynamics of past client reviews and how they are pivotal in shaping the choices of attorneys and their potential clients.


What is Avvo?

Avvo serves as a digital marketplace, offering profiles, client reviews, and peer endorsements for approximately 97% of lawyers across the United States. Since joining Internet Brands in 2018, Avvo has evolved into a powerhouse.

For attorneys seeking to enhance their online visibility, utilizing free legal directories like Avvo is an excellent and budget-friendly strategy. Clients perusing the platform can quickly discover your profile and gain insights into your practice through reviews submitted.

Avvo’s attorney profiles are similar to digital storefronts, providing a space for sharing legal expertise, highlighting accomplishments, and cultivating trustworthy personas. The platform also offers paid services for attorneys, including profile upgrades and marketing plans.

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How Avvo Reviews Work?

Individuals who have engaged with specific lawyers are the authors of Avvo review. These include star ratings—averaged at the top of your profile—and detailed narratives that share the reasons behind the rating.

Avvo reviews are subjective compared to the more automated Avvo ratings, which are calculated using a system that Avvo created to provide objective lawyer evaluations. Nonetheless, online reviews wield substantial influence, with 97% of consumers consulting reviews before making a decision. Unlike automated Avvo ratings, reviews provide a deeper understanding of real-world experiences about you and your law firm.

Furthermore, Avvo’s esteemed reputation as a reliable platform adds weight to the impact of reviews, potentially boosting law firm SEO. By garnering reviews, you signal to Google that your firm is an established and trusted entity, amplifying your online presence.


Do Bad Reviews Affect the Avvo Rating?

Avvo reveals that client feedback, whether good or bad, does not affect an attorney’s overall rating: “[Client] reviews do not affect the Avvo Rating. While peer endorsements are a form of industry recognition—like being asked to speak at a professional seminar or publish an article—client input is very different.

“It may reflect positively or negatively on a professional and may include comments that are more reflective of approach than ability. As people often find other feedback valuable, we have included reviews in a stand-alone section in each lawyer’s profile, but not have those reviews impact the Avvo Rating.”


Evaluating the Credibility of Avvo Reviews


It’s important to explore the factors that shape the reliability of these reviews and empower attorneys to navigate client feedback on Avvo.


Factors Influencing Review Reliability

The trustworthiness of online reviews—including those on Avvo—is subject to various factors that shape the perceptions of attorneys and clients.

In the broader context of online reviews, several considerations come into play:

  • Authenticity of Reviews: The truthfulness of both positive and negative reviews sometimes comes into question.
  • Reviewer Bias: The inherent bias of reviewers often influences the tone and content of their feedback.
  • Recency of Reviews: The currency of reviews matters. An attorney’s performance often evolves, making recent reviews more indicative of their current standing.
  • Volume of Reviews: The number of reviews provides a broader sample size and a more comprehensive understanding of abilities. A single negative or positive review may not accurately reflect the full proficiency or deficiency of the legal professional.

Additional concerns have been raised about whether one can trust Avvo Reviews:

  • Verification of Clients: While Avvo moderators check each submission, there is no way to guarantee that each reviewer has legitimate experiences with the attorney they review.
  • Professional Jealousy or Rivalry: Competitors or disgruntled colleagues may post fake reviews on Avvo to tarnish an attorney’s reputation.

It’s imperative to carefully approach positive and negative reviews, considering various factors to develop a balanced perspective.


The Pros and Cons of Avvo Reviews

For attorneys, Avvo reviews offer advantages and disadvantages.

Positive reviews from happy clients enhance your reputation, serving as a testament to your capabilities. In turn, these evaluations increase the likelihood of being contacted by more potential clients through the platform.

Another benefit we briefly mentioned is that moderators read each review to verify it adheres to Avvo’s Community Guidelines. They look for details of personal experiences, so reviews are more helpful to future Avvo users. This reduces the chances of fake reviews being published on the Avvo review site.

However, some users may still post bad or fake reviews. Unfortunately, a single negative review can influence whether more people choose your legal services, and unfavorable sentiments often linger.

Although there are pros and cons of Avvo reviews, one notion remains: It is crucial for attorneys to carefully manage and update their Avvo profile, address negative reviews diplomatically, and actively engage with the platform to harness its full range of benefits.


Can Attorneys Trust Avvo Reviews?


Attorneys need not be overly concerned with the authenticity of client reviews. Instead, the emphasis should be on strategic reputation management.

An honest review—whether positive or negative—serves as valuable feedback. Good reviews acknowledge admirable practices, while negative ones present opportunities for improvement. Addressing client concerns, focusing on client satisfaction, and learning from mistakes will contribute to your law firm’s growth.

While encouraging clients to leave reviews and responding to feedback is essential, remember also to be aware of potential bias and manipulation. Although absolute trustworthiness is debatable, attorneys should prioritize maintaining a positive Avvo score and prompting satisfied clients to share their experiences, ensuring a better online presence.


Contrasting Avvo Reviews with Other Platforms

Comparing Avvo with other review sites reveals several differences. Avvo Reviews provide a detailed snapshot of attorneys and law firms, displaying client feedback and ratings on a centralized platform.

Additionally, not all platforms have moderators that read each submission before publication. Notably, Conrad Saam, who served as Avvo’s Director of Marketing from 2006 to 2011, highlights the platform’s commitment to quality by revealing that approximately 30% of client reviews were rejected during his tenure.

Reviews are also integrated into each attorney’s profile, offering a more comprehensive look at their practice. In contrast, some other platforms focus solely on ratings, lacking the detailed insights provided by client narratives on Avvo.

Exploring each platform’s strengths and potential limitations allows law firms to tailor their approach, optimizing their presence on various sites to attract a more diverse clientele.


How to Use Avvo Reviews to Your Advantage?

Interpreting Avvo reviews is a skill that impacts how attorneys navigate their online presence. Check out our top tips below:

  1. To begin, assess the overall sentiment from past clients and consider how many positive versus negative reviews you have received. A mix of feedback provides a more comprehensive perspective on your practice.
  2. Next, explore the specifics of each review. Look for patterns or recurring themes in client feedback. This provides valuable insights into areas requiring attention.
  3. Consider the context of the review—including the nature of the legal matter and outcome of each case—as this can influence the client’s experience.
  4. Pay close attention to the language used in the reviews. Positive reviews highlighting specific aspects of your legal expertise or client communication are valuable endorsements. Similarly, criticism often offers actionable insights you can use to better yourself as a lawyer.
  5. Remember that no attorney can please everyone; occasional negative reviews are inevitable. Instead of looking at them as setbacks, approach them as opportunities for growth. Responding thoughtfully and professionally showcases your dedication to client concerns.
  6. Lastly, engaging with client reviews demonstrates transparency and responsiveness, contributing to a positive online presence.

Use Avvo as a tool for continuous improvement, utilizing the insights gained to refine your practice and enhance client satisfaction.


How We Can Help Your Law Firm Grow


While debates around the reliability of every review persist, our stance remains clear: Attorneys should prioritize maintaining a positive Avvo rating and encourage satisfied clients to share their experiences.

Additionally, in this digital age, every attorney must consider having a well-maintained and updated profile. Keeping your profile current and engaging with feedback contributes to having a favorable online image.

Constellation Marketing‘s expertise goes beyond understanding the intricacies of legal directories and encompasses a holistic marketing approach to propel your firm to new heights. Please book a consultation with us to learn how we can tailor strategies to meet the unique needs of your practice, ensuring an impactful online representation.

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