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Jan 23, 2020

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Billing Solutions for Lawyers: Find Your Perfect Software

When running a business, nothing is quite as vital to your success as your billing and accounting systems. This becomes even more relevant for lawyers — as you probably know, managing legal fees is a completely different ball game.

Although we’re a digital marketing firm, we’ve seen first-hand how lawyers struggle with maintaining the billing and accounting sides of their business operation, especially when they’re just beginning to learn how to manage a small law firm.

To help you make informed decisions, we spoke with representatives from each company. They gave us a straightforward, distilled look at the most important parts of their software.

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If not done efficiently, administrative tasks such as billing and invoicing can be a massive time waster. That’s why it’s so important to streamline your firm’s processes so you can reduce the time needed to perform repetitive tasks like tracking and entering billable time and invoice creation.

Billing software for lawyers aims to do all of that and more. This software automates time tracking, billing, scheduling, and accounting for law practices, allowing lawyers to dedicate more time and energy to working directly with clients. In addition to boosting their digital marketing efforts, using dedicated legal billing software has been one of the most effective business moves for many of our clients.

To help you get your feet off the ground, we’ve compiled this list of the best billing software options for lawyers.


Amberlo is a cloud-based case management and billing software that assists law firms of all sizes with a wide range of administrative tasks. Noteworthy features include contact and contract management, scheduling, rate management, time and expense tracking, the legal billing process, document management, and email management, all offered through one simple browser interface.

Starting Pricing: $39/month

Customer Review“Amberlo enabled our team to track working time spent on client tasks easier and more precisely. This ensured that all working time is billed and even slightly increased our income. The transition to the new system was smooth because it is intuitive, and Amberlo support is very helpful.”



Bilr is a modern legal billing software that cleans invoices with artificial intelligence before submission, detecting errors and issues so that they can be fixed “upstream,” increasing a firm’s revenue by up to 11%. Bilr also utilizes natural language processing to make timekeeping easier — simply speak into your phone, and Bilr does the rest.

Starting Pricing: $24.95/month/user



CaseFleet is an intuitive, all-in-one legal billing and case management platform that empowers law professionals to build winning cases with tools for reviewing evidence, organizing facts, and identifying trends. Combined with cutting-edge case management tools, CaseFleet’s legal billing software provides a seamless firm management experience.

Starting Pricing: $30.00/month/user

Customer Review“The customer service is great. Whenever I submit a request for support, I receive a kind and helpful response within minutes. There are no blanket responses like: Consult our website for possible FAQs to perform your own trouble shooting. You talk to a live person that will walk you through possible resolutions while on the phone or chatting with you.”

case fleet


Designed to solve real-world problems, Centerbase is a configurable cloud-based legal practice management software offering efficient and accessible accounting and billing solutions. By assisting law practices with matter management, timekeeping, billing, accounting, workflow, and calendaring in a simple, streamlined service, Centerbase aims to modernize mid-sized firms without cutting corners on functionality.

Starting Pricing: $52.00/month/user

Customer Review“Centerbase is a Legal Case Management cloud application that provides a Law firm with full matter management of all the details about a case, including the Parties (each with contact screens) the Court, the Filed Case Activity and MOST importantly all the Documents associated with the Matter, in one location (at the Matter). It is really easy to use and has fantastic Customize-ability.”

center base


ClientPay is a payment processor designed to make payments simple, smooth, and secure for law firms. This award-winning cloud-based invoicing and payment technology aims to transform the client payment experience to boost profits, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

Starting Pricing: $Custom

Customer Review“I have used this product semi-frequently and have always had good luck with it. There were a few instances where I felt navigation was a little counterintuitive. It’s very quick and convenient for processing payments. Much faster than having a physical card reader and receipt tape.”

client pay


Offering legal practice management, billing, and accounting services, CosmoLex is a cloud-based software designed to ensure that your firm’s time and money won’t fall through the cracks. With on-the-go time capture, contextual one-click billing, retainer management, customizable invoices, and an intuitive online payment system right at your fingertips, this accounting software offers a truly streamlined service.

Starting Pricing: $89.00/month/user

Customer Review“One of the biggest things Cosmolex has done for us is allow us to bring out bookkeeping in-house. We went through 3 bookkeeping firms in 2 years and spent huge sums of money for our accountants to undo the mess they made. Our first year end with Cosmolex and in-house bookkeeping was a little rough but that was mostly cleaning up past mistakes.”


cosmo lex


Your practice is more than just billing. Lawcus is a case management software aimed at empowering legal teams that can help eliminate hours of administrative work from your week. From client intake to billing, all you have to do is set rule-based triggers and actions and let Lawcus’ automation get to work.

Starting Pricing: $34.00/month/user

Customer Review“Lawcus has really streamlined practice management into a visually appealing, intuitive, and effective product. It is great for allocating work among a team and tracking matters through the life cycle of a client matter. Other practice management products that I have used have a lot of expensive bells and whistles that I don’t actually ever use; Lawcus’ strength is that it is lean and powerful. “



LeanLaw is a modern cloud-based legal invoicing platform, leveraging what their representative calls “the industry’s best integration into Quickbooks Online.” By allowing law firms and their accounting teams to collaboratively work in both Quickbooks Online and a legal application native to law workflows, LeanLaw’s integrated platform aims to make automated law firm management easy.

Starting Pricing: $28.00/month/user

Customer Review“The software is easy to use, intuitive, and saves me time and money. Moving to the cloud has been the best decision I have ever made and Lean Law allowed me to do so. I highly recommend Lean Law to any firm looking for improved efficiency in timekeeping, billing and productivity. They have very responsive customer service should the need arise.”



According to a representative, “LegalTrek was created to be the first purely legal billing software that encompasses all billing arrangements conceivable while accurately capturing employees’ time.” 6 years later, LegalTrek works with boutique and mid-sized law firms on 4 continents, offering alternative fee arrangements, flat fees, subscriptions, retainers, volume-based rates, contingencies, multicurrency cross-office billing, bilingual invoicing, and more.

Starting Pricing: $245.00/month

Customer Review“LegalTrek really has excellent software for a network of law firms. Before we implemented it, it was hard to work between different offices on projects together. LegalTrek’s Legal project management helped us achieve really smooth operations. Now the work between offices, with of-counsels and clients is easy. It automatically tracks budget and time. This means that almost 100% of our project now runs on budget which clients really love.”



Designed by Vanguard I.T., a technology services company devoted to improving business functionality with technology, Legitigant is a simple, web-based tool that manages billing for small and mid-sized law firms. Legitigant is devoted to helping legal professionals improve their operations by streamlining or automating their billable activities such as document management, calendar management, case management, and invoicing.

Starting Pricing: $24.99/month



According to their representative, “MoonClerk is a Goldilocks legal billing system – it’s not too complex in that anyone can start using it without training, but it also offers a lot of flexibility.” With a focus on one-time and recurring payments, MoonClerk presents a best-in-breed solution, offering a refreshing break from the complex all-in-one legal systems that are “often decent at everything but not great at anything.”

Starting Pricing: $18.00/month/user

Customer Review: “Many of my clients cannot afford to hire and pay a lawyer all upfront. However, I quickly learned that manually processing each client’s monthly payments was going to be impossible. MoonClerk lets me take cases and clients that I would otherwise have to turn down, and promotes broader access to my services.”

moon clerk

Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter is a cloud-based case management and billing software designed to keep law firms productive and profitable with an all-in-one approach to legal practice management. Standout features include batch billing, customizable invoices, alternative fee arrangements, firm performance reports, and a robust mobile app for simple on-the-go time tracking.

Starting Pricing: $39.00/month/user

Customer Review“Our law firm has been using Rocket Matter since 2012. Moving to the cloud was a bit of a learning curve for some of our staff, but they quickly caught on. Since then we have continued to grow in our overall usage of Rocket Matter features and functionality. As a result our firm productivity has increased greatly – particularly in the areas of capturing time and expenses. This in turn has improved our billing and relatedly impacted our profitability. Being able to quickly capture information and bill our clients translates into faster payment receipt because if the invoices don’t go out timely manner, you are less likely to receive payment anytime soon! Overall I can’t see the firm ever moving away from in-the-cloud practice management software as it allows our staff to access and enter key information from anywhere – office, home, while traveling.”

rocket matter

RTG Bills Online

RTG Bills Online is a timekeeping and billing application for law firms that work inside your Web browser. It’s the ultimate in Billing Made Easy©.

Easy to use, full-featured legal billing, and no software installation required. Works with any modern web browser, and multiple users can work at the same time – from different locations. Includes RTG Timer Online, RTG Conflicts Onlinesmartphone time entry for Android* and iPhone*, and a touch-friendly tablet version at no additional cost.

RTG Bills handle multiple billing rates, trust accounting, split bills, contingent fees, late charges, taxes, and more.

They offer free support via email. No expensive support plan to buy.

Starting Pricing: $15.95/month/



The Tussman Program

Written by and for attorneys, The Tussman Program was designed to be the most powerful, flexible, and dependable solution for law firms’ legal billing requirements. Standout features include a cloud hosting option, an unlimited number of clients, installment payment plan options, and the ability to create up to 90 billing rate schedules, as well as hourly rate, flat fee, non-billable, administrative, and pro bono fee arrangements.

Starting Pricing: $695.00/one-time

Customer Review“I have been using this product for 30 years. It is excellent. It is easy to use, yet sophisticated, and flexible. You can do with it what you want. If you cannot, David Tussman will show you how to do what you want; and he may even tweek the program to suit your personal needs. There is a General Ledger, a calendar and a Remote Entry Module. I use them all. I do not know about this negative comment written by L. Bohanon — David Tussman is about as nice a human as one can find. Decent, smart, knowledgeable. And if you need help, he will call you back or Email you or your assistant right away. The personal touch of David Tussman one of the strong points of this program. One time on the eve of a tax deadline he responded to me in the middle of the night. 30 years is a long time. David Tussman has always been there. And he was an early pioneer in the attorney billing software domain. He has stayed the course, and his program is one of the best, if not the best. He is constantly improving it and responding to the personal needs of his loyal customers. His manual is very easy to read and very well written. I recommend this program highly.”

tussman program


YouWinLaw, also known as WinJur, is a law practice management software designed to offer all the tools a firm needs to succeed. From comprehensive legal billing and file organization to email automation and a unique Dropzone feature, YouWinLaw integrates practice management tools with existing Microsoft software to enhance small and mid-sized firms’ billing and management efforts.

Starting Pricing: $199.00/one-time

Customer Review: “Small caseload tracking is nice. I like the cost, and I like the tabbing like in Windows. It makes it user friendly in that aspect only. I have used it since 2010 for solo practice. If you have to change computers, beware, as it is a nightmare to transfer info. (It is not cloud-based.) The user instructions are horrible and in micro print, so you cannot really read or understand. They are pretty basic too, so if something doesn’t work correctly….oh well. There is no way to ask someone.”

you win law

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