How Do You Choose Colors for a Legal Logo?

Jan 30, 2024

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Color is a crucial brain stimulus. In fact, 80 percent of our sensory impressions come from our visual system?

Because colors convey messages and create emotions, the tones you choose for your law firm logo impact clients more than you might think.

Are you ready to learn key considerations when choosing colors for your law firm logo design? From incorporating your firm’s identity to avoiding common color scheme mistakes, we’ve got you covered!


Understanding Color Psychology in Law


Color psychology explores the psychological and emotional effects colors have on people. In the legal industry, it’s imperative to select colors that convey trust, credibility, and professionalism.

Law firms that choose logo colors eliciting specific emotional responses from clients enjoy a competitive edge. For instance, the widespread use of blue in law firm logos symbolizes trust and reliability. Alternatively, some firms select black because it is associated with sophistication and authority, while green is often chosen to signify ethical practices.

Each color should be a deliberate choice in crafting a visual identity that resonates with clients and sets your firm apart within the competitive legal landscape.


Key Considerations When Choosing Logo Colors


Explore our expert insights below to ensure your logo is a powerful representation of your law firm’s brand.


Professionalism and Trustworthiness

As you choose colors for your law firm logo, consider choosing a color scheme representing professionalism and trustworthiness.

Associated with professionalism, dark blue, deep gray, and burgundy instill a sense of stability and reliability. Incorporating these hues into your law firm logo design subtly shares your commitment to trustworthiness, creating a visual representation that resonates with clients and establishes a healthy brand personality.


Industry Norms

Law firm logos usually incorporate dominant primary and neutral secondary colors. This reflects the “minimalist nature” of legal branding.

Since light blue conveys trust and dark blue symbolizes professionalism, it’s common for law firms to favor this color combination. Notably, black and dark red—representing passion and power—are popular among large law firms. Neutral tones like black, white, and gray often serve as complementary elements.



When opting for colors in your law firm logo, aim for a distinctive color scheme that catches attention. The challenge lies in achieving this standout effect while maintaining the integrity of the legal industry. How can you strike this balance effectively?

Check out our expert tips to ensure your law firm logo makes a splash in the legal realm:

1. Understand Your Unique Identity

Identify what sets your law firm apart and incorporate colors that reflect your unique identity and values. For instance, if loyalty is essential to your legal practice, consider incorporating bronze into your color scheme.

2. Strategic Accent Colors

While maintaining a professional base color, introduce one or two strategic accent colors to add flair and individuality to your law firm logo. However, as mentioned, most legal logos focus on only one or two colors. So, if you choose this approach, select these accent colors carefully.

3. Consider Cultural Associations

Be mindful of cultural associations with colors to ensure your logo resonates positively with your target audience. For example, if your law firm is targeting clients in Asia—where red is often associated with prosperity—incorporating this tone into your logo could be a strategic choice.

4. Balance Tradition and Innovation

Blend traditional law firm colors with innovative accents to balance credibility and modernity. For instance, using a classic navy blue as your primary color complimented by an accent color like a muted teal adds a touch of freshness without compromising your professional identity.

5. Test Your Palette

Before finalizing your color scheme, test how it appears in various contexts to ensure proper visibility across different platforms. Ensure the color palette works well when displayed on your law firm website and social media pages, whether viewed from a computer or mobile device.

6. Consistency Across Branding

Maintain consistency in your color scheme across all branding materials to reinforce a cohesive and recognizable brand identity. This uniformity instills a sense of professionalism and enhances brand recall. Why is this crucial? It ensures clients and stakeholders associate your color palette with your firm’s legal services.

7. Client-Centric Approach

To create a law firm logo that resonates with your target audience, consider the expectations of your clients during the color selection process. Strive for a balance that aligns with industry norms and appeals to the aesthetic preferences of your clients, fostering positive connections.

8. Embrace Subtle Contrasts

Introduce subtle contrasts within your color scheme to create visual interest without compromising industry expectations. Including subtle distinctions, like pairing a deep charcoal with a muted silver, adds visual interest to your design without sacrificing the integrity of your logo.

9. Explore Symbolism

Utilize colors with symbolic meanings that align with your law firm’s values, reinforcing your commitment to clients. For example, introducing a touch of green, which is associated with growth and harmony, reinforces your commitment to ethical and client-centric practices. This thoughtful use of colors enhances your visual identity and shows that your firm stands on solid principles.

10. Seek Professional Guidance

If uncertain, consult with a professional logo designer or branding expert to ensure your law firm logo colors differentiate you in a competitive market while maintaining the required level of professionalism.


Popular Color Choices for Legal Logos


We’ve touched on several popular color schemes for law firm logo design, but now it’s time to dive deeply into various colors and explore what they symbolize. Our professional designers have compiled the following list so you’ll feel more confident when choosing your logo color palette.



Blue stands out as a color associated with professionalism, offering a calming and universally recognized tone that instills feelings of trust and dependability—qualities well-suited for any law firm.

Its widespread use in corporate branding, logos, websites, and business cards drives home the fact that it exudes authority and sophistication. Beyond establishing trustworthiness, blue is frequently employed to represent loyalty, making it an optimal choice for firms wanting to highlight their commitment to clients.

Moreover, blue is known to stimulate communication and creativity. In essence, blue not only creates an atmosphere of professionalism but also communicates loyalty and trustworthiness—integral facets for the success of any law firm.



Green conveys a sense of growth and dependability and instills confidence in clients and peers while fostering an environment of stability.

Research indicates that green is closely associated with feelings of success, rendering it fit for law firms prioritizing client satisfaction. Its calming nature contributes to stress reduction in the workplace, a crucial factor for enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Green is also recognized for its capacity to stimulate creativity and promote collaboration. Ultimately, its uplifting effect on people’s moods solidifies its status as an impactful color choice.


Black and Gray

Black and gray tones are often used together in law firm logos. These colors can convey sophistication and authority.


Black has long been associated with professionalism and sophistication, making it an ideal choice for law firms wanting to convey authority.

Black represents strength, power, and confidence—qualities essential to professionalism. It fosters an environment of refinement and elegance. Whether integrated into logos, websites, or business cards, black enhances the polished appearance of your firm.


Gray helps promote an atmosphere of sophistication, elegance, and professionalism. This color has the power to give your law firm logo a sense of seriousness and importance—qualities essential for achieving success in a professional setting.

Gray helps people feel secure, which makes it ideal for legal practices where peace of mind is vital. Its versatility allows law firms to incorporate shades like charcoal or slate gray into their branding, creating a look that appeals to diverse audiences.


Incorporating Your Firm’s Identity


Consider how your chosen color palette will reflect the essence of your legal services and your firm’s values.

For instance, if your law firm emphasizes forward-thinking legal solutions, incorporating modern colors might be suitable. However, if your focus is on tradition and established expertise, opting for classic tones makes more sense.

The colors you integrate into your branding represent your firm’s identity and send a powerful message to clients about your values and abilities.


Our Approach to Choosing Law Firm Logo Colors

Aleksandar Petrovic, Chief Technology Officer at Constellation Marketing, reveals our team’s strategy when selecting law firm logo colors: “We always ask the client first. Many choose the same colors as their website for consistency, which is a smart choice.

If there is no website yet, we consult with our designer. Some practice areas, like criminal defense or personal injury law, often use no-nonsense colors, such as deep blues, reds, rich grays, or authoritative blacks. Other practice areas, like estate planning, use colors associated with security, like light blues and greens. So there is definitely a psychology to it.”


Design Tips for Legal Logos


Are you ready to explore the essential components that make a law firm logo impactful? Join us as we navigate the art of legal logo design, unraveling the key elements that contribute to a visually compelling brand identity.


Simplicity and Clarity

The most effective law firm logos embrace simplicity, creating an instant connection with your target audience.

A simple logo helps people recognize and memorize your logo faster, while complex designs pose challenges in memorization and may convey a skewed impression of your law firm. Not to mention, intricate logos often lose details when resized, emphasizing the importance of simplicity in maintaining clarity.

Lastly, simple law firm logos adapt well to advertising materials and digital platforms. They communicate a sense of transparency and versatility. While designing an intricate logo may be tempting, it’s usually not worth it in the long run. A simple logo will convey your message in a beautiful, concise manner.



Ensuring that the law firm logo design is legible across various mediums—from websites to flyers—guarantees your firm’s clear and recognizable visual identity. Paying attention to this element enhances the logo’s effectiveness and makes a more lasting impression on your target clients.

Choosing the Right Fonts

The fonts you select for your law firm logo should be legible and engaging. Caution is advised when considering cursive and script fonts. While they may work in specific contexts, their usage requires careful consideration.

Modern, innovative fonts are recommended for a contemporary feel. Classic fonts exude tradition and reliability.

Google Fonts is an excellent starting point that provides many font options, allowing you to align your logo with your preferences.

Just like with your chosen color scheme, your target audience will link your brand with the font used in your law firm logo.



According to Forbes, color consistency helps to increase brand recognition by up to 80%: “One of the simplest ways to achieve [brand recognition] is through a signature color. Humans are driven by visuals—and designing a logo that informs a cohesive color palette… creates an environment that is conducive to their memory.”

When your color palettes are consistent, it ensures your logo remains eye-catching and identifiable. Whether on your law firm website, business cards, or promotional materials, using the same colors creates a more professional image. Consistency in your color palette enhances the aesthetic appeal and makes a more lasting impact on clients and stakeholders.


Avoid Common Pitfalls


Ensure your attorney logo captivates your audience and communicates the values integral to your legal practice by avoiding these common mistakes.



One common pitfall to avoid is the trap of overcomplication. It’s tempting to incorporate elaborate designs and countless colors, but it often dilutes the impact of your logo.

The key is to keep the design and its colors straightforward, ensuring simplicity that resonates with clarity. Complicated logos are visually overwhelming, diminishing their memorability and effectiveness.


Trend Following

When choosing law firm logo colors, avoid chasing trends. While it may be tempting to incorporate the latest color fads, this approach means your design will soon be outdated.

Pantone named the color “peach fuzz” as 2024’s color of the year. While this hue is attractive and claims to provide harmony for the “mind, body, and soul,” there are better choices for a law firm logo.

Timeless colors, rooted in natural or classic combinations, are a much better choice, such as navy and gold, black and white, or red and yellow.

Timeless law firm logos—characterized by simplicity, elegance, versatility, and a commitment to staying true to your message—endure beyond the ever-changing nature of trends, establishing a lasting brand presence.


Legal Considerations

When creating your law firm logo, it’s crucial to consider all legal aspects to ensure compliance with advertising regulations. Overlooking this key factor could cause legal consequences.

Be mindful of the rules and guidelines set forth by legal advertising regulations in your jurisdiction, as they often have requirements for using certain language, claims, and visual elements in legal branding.

By adhering to the necessary regulations, you safeguard your firm against legal complications and ensure your logo effectively represents your practice within the boundaries of the law.


Give Your Law Firm Logo the Ultimate Facelift


Today, we explored the nuances of color psychology and discussed the importance of understanding how different hues convey specific emotions in the legal industry. We highlighted critical considerations for law firm logo design, including color consistency and avoiding common pitfalls. Our design tips emphasized simplicity, readability, and the importance of timeless choices over trendy ones.

We encourage you to consult with a logo design professional at Constellation Marketing for optimal results. Our expert team has 30+ years of experience designing websites and legal logos, and we’d love to put our expertise to work for you!

Contact us for a free consultation or explore our website for a wealth of information on our marketing services. Elevate your legal brand with the expertise of Constellation Marketing, where your unique identity meets exceptional design.

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