Law Firm Website Design Cost: How to Get the Best Value for Your Budget

Sep 25, 2023

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Do Attorneys Need Expensive Law Firm Websites?

The National Law Review reports that 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine, and 74% of consumers visit a law firm’s website planning to take action. Clearly, a high-quality law firm website is essential to the growth of a practice.

Nonetheless, many lawyers have questions about website design, development, and cost. Constellation‘s CEO Patrick Carver discusses these concerns and more on a recent Optimized Law Firm podcast episode, Don’t Buy an Expensive Website.

Benefits of Creating a Website for Your Law Firm

Because many people search for attorneys online, having one of the best law firm websites is vital. Patrick shares, “When someone is in that moment of need [for an attorney], they will get out their phone or computer and search for ‘lawyer near me’ or ‘lawyer in my city’… Websites are the basis of that experience.”

Any attorney will benefit from having an updated website that meets technology requirements. Simply put, there’s too much at risk for law firms not to have a well-designed website.

All Websites Are Not Created Equal

First, let’s discuss the differences between using a law firm marketing agency or a general website development company to build your website.

While both create polished websites, website developers work primarily on the site’s design elements. They don’t always consider how the lawyer website will function within organic search results or how much return on investment (ROI) it will provide.

Alternatively, law firm marketing teams like Constellation go beyond the standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practices to help clients’ websites rank better. They understand that search engine optimization is the most cost-efficient way to bring in leads and provide law firms with the best online visibility.

Instead of having tunnel vision of merely building a website, marketing teams have a broader focus.

  • Marketing teams consider how the website will reach people and the leads it garners.
  • They focus on providing the best possible ROI.
  • They work to supply a final product that aligns with each client’s objectives, improving the law firm’s brand.
  • They generate measurable results that impact their clients’ law firm growth.
  • They ensure that each firm enjoys the impact of high-quality website design and SEO services.

Disadvantages of Building Expensive Law Firm Websites

Attorney websites don’t have to break the bank to impact your business substantially.

Patrick reveals, “I’ve never seen real qualitative data [showing] that the $10,000 website is going to convert people at a significantly higher percentage than the $2,000 website that looks about as good but does a way better job of bringing people in and has a lot more organic traffic.”

Let’s check out six more reasons why creating an expensive law firm website isn’t necessarily the best route:

  1. High-end websites often cost over $10,000. The better option is to spend some of that money on additional digital marketing, like SEO efforts and online advertising.
  2. Web developers often use custom or niche Content Management Systems (CMS) to create lawyer websites. These systems make it harder to transition to a new developer in the future, and they can be difficult to navigate if the law firm decides to hire a marketing company.
  3. Many web developers create websites for various industries and don’t have the expertise needed for law firm website design.
  4. Some website developers spend too much time writing code rather than focusing on the importance of the material on the law firm’s website.
  5. Expensive law firm websites often take up to six months to build, with too much time lost in reviewing and approving website components.
  6. Many website developers create a website and then end all interaction with the client. However, ongoing improvements are needed so the attorney website can grow and evolve with the ever-changing technology.

Better Website Options for Attorneys

Here’s the excellent news: You don’t have to pay $10,000 for a well-designed law firm website.

Patrick points out, “In terms of website selection, there are better options that will give you a bigger benefit than spending a ton of money on a high-end website while neglecting SEO or advertising… Because, for me, that is a much better use of your money and investment.”

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Website Using Wix, WordPress, or Another CMS Platform

Attorneys can use a content management system like Wix or WordPress to create their website. With either of these sites, the law firm signs up, selects a template, and adds material and content directly on the platform.

Law offices don’t need to understand coding or have specialized knowledge about law firm web design. It’s easy and affordable to build websites this way.

However, the DIY option has downsides. Most law firm websites struggle to provide proper SEO components for ranking with search engines. And creating a website may feel challenging for attorneys who aren’t as internet savvy.

Benefits of Using WordPress to Create Law Firm Websites

Patrick recommends using WordPress above Wix as a DIY option: “Ultimately, if an attorney wants to build a sustainable presence with a big foundation that is going to last for years, we recommend building on WordPress.”

If you’re new to creating a website, you may wonder why our team feels WordPress surpasses other CMS programs.

  • Attorneys can use WordPress at many price points. While there is a free option, the best plans cost a few hundred dollars annually.
  • WordPress provides an easy way to build an attractive, functional website that can be edited anytime.
  • WordPress enables people at all levels of knowledge to use the platform.
  • Law firms can create basic web pages or complex designs, including building apps and custom forms.
  • WordPress has a more robust SEO system than many other content management systems.

The Best Website Design Option for Attorneys

As discussed, DIY website design platforms are out there, and they are a viable option for designing your law firm’s new website. But, there are undeniable advantages to using a law firm marketing company like Constellation to design and improve your website. Check them out below!

  1. Marketing companies can save law firms money, which can be better spent on SEO efforts and advertising.
  2. Using a marketing team for web design saves time and preserves mental resources, allowing attorneys to better focus on their law practice.
  3. Marketing firms focus on how they can help law firm websites exceed all of Google’s technical requirements, putting law offices in a position to get more traffic and be seen as an authority in their practice area. This effort can result in more cases and business.
  4. Marketing firms emphasize keeping law firm websites secure, which is highly important for both the attorneys and potential clients who visit their sites.
  5. Partnering with a marketing team allows attorneys to have an ongoing relationship that ensures they get a high-quality website and continues to improve over time.

Cost-Efficient Law Firm Websites For the Win

Patrick finishes the podcast by pointing out, “You want somebody who’s on the cutting edge of building many law firm websites and holistically combining the best practices from how a website looks, making it very conversion friendly, and maximizing the number of conversions. That’s how you’re going to grow your business.”

As Patrick outlines, SEO and online advertising should be a priority for your law firm. And while expensive websites may look impressive, they don’t necessarily have the same impact on business growth as investing in SEO and digital marketing efforts.

The better option is to work with a specialized marketing team like Constellation to custom-design a highly functional and SEO-friendly website for your law firm. With the right team, you can achieve cost efficiency while enhancing your online presence and attracting more clients.

Don’t fall for the misconception that an expensive website is necessary for success in the digital world. Instead, focus on creating a quality website with strong SEO and marketing strategies to see real growth in your business.

Ready to Supercharge Your Law Firm’s Online Presence? Let’s Build a Custom Website Together!

Don’t let the high costs of building a website stop you from improving your law firm’s online presence. With options like DIY platforms and using a law firm marketing company, there are cost-efficient ways to create a quality website that will attract potential clients and improve your business.

Trusted by over 70 law firms, we would love to answer any remaining questions about attorney web design. Contact Constellation today to schedule your free consultation and discuss how you can have the best law firm website in your area!

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