How do you determine what keywords to target?

Our research begins with understanding your goals. Knowing who your ideal client is is critical to understanding what they might be searching for.

With this information, we’ll conduct a comprehensive review of the market landscape to find search terms that will likely bring your prospective clients to you. Here are a few strategies we use and questions we ask in our research:

  • We look at how many people are searching for these keywords. This helps us focus on the keywords that can bring more visitors to your website.
  • We also check what your competitors are doing. We may find keywords that are working for them but aren’t included in your existing strategy or in the high-volume keyword results.
  • It’s not just about which keywords are popular. We want to know why people are searching. Are they trying to learn something? Are they ready to buy?

These strategies help us choose keywords that match what your audience truly wants. These keywords will become the basis of our content plan for your site.

Finally, we’ll discuss the content plan with you to determine how the target keywords should be prioritized and confirm that they align with your goals.

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