How long does it take rank on the 1st page?

Unfortunately, this is a classic quote “it depends” type of question. You can rank on the first page of Google for certain keywords in as little as a week, while others in a heavily competitive market could take you a year or more.

It’s helpful to understand that all keywords are not created equally. 80 words related to personal injury law, which is potentially extremely lucrative could be exceptionally difficult to obtain. For other keywords in less competitive areas of law or perhaps sometimes in smaller towns, the competition is much lower.

For more specific data, we suggest taking a look at this study from our primary keyword data provider, Ahrefs, who has studied this topic in great detail.

At Constellation, we expect to be able to rank on the first page of Google for a less competitive keyword in under 3 months. For more competitive keywords such as “Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta” or really any city, it could take 3 to 12 months (or more). The difficulty associated with this is reflected in the cost of just one click in the Google Ads platform for a term like this which could cost hundreds of dollars.

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