I received an email from a “Google Account Strategist” / “Google Account Manager” about my Google Ads Account – what should I do?

Most of these types of communications are legitimately from Google – but if they contain login links or are asking for information, it may be a phishing attempt. Simply forward the email to [email protected].

Prior to the pandemic, Google Ads had a live Customer Support Center. This is no longer the case. These “strategists” are now third-party companies associated with Google based in Sales and are not there to assist your needs. Their new role is to get customers to spend more money. Often their advice is not aligned with your bottom line. At Constellation, we work hard to have a deep understanding of your objectives and genuinely care about the success of your business.

The email may contain some alarming metrics or verbiage – don’t worry. These “strategists” cannot make any changes without permission, and any of your concerns about metrics can be addressed by our very experienced Client Management Team.

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