I received an email from Google Ads about a Policy Violation, Destination Requirements, or something else. What does it mean?

Policy Violation

Most of these “policy violations” are related to terms such as “bankruptcy,” “injury,” “drugs,” or criminal defense.

Google Ads implemented a policy in 2020 to limit audience-specific targeting, which may include remarketing. Advertisers are not allowed to specifically target certain groups of users a second time; your ads can only be found if your keywords are specially searched for.

This does not affect your ads in any way. We can absolutely bid on those search terms. The notifications are triggered by the Google Ads AI given the keywords that may be used in your campaign, depending on your practice area.

Destination Requirements

Recently, Google has been cracking down on ads and pop-ups on websites. They are sending these automated messages to anyone with a Google Ads account.

Have you ever visited a website (especially on your phone) where the page is so full of ads that you can barely see the content?

Google Ads put their Destination Requirements in place to avoid situations like this. All it means is that your ads must lead to a legitimate, usable page.

Our Ads campaigns always use legitimate landing pages, so you don’t have to worry about these messages from Google!

As always, if you have concerns about the notifications you are receiving from Google, please forward them to your Client Strategist.

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