What type of content do you create, and how does the content creation process work?

Each month, we create at least 1,000 words of new, keyword-optimized content for your website. This is in addition to social media content (for those who have that service) and ongoing page optimizations.

The content we write could generally be described as summary-level content written for the average reader. We do not pretend to be attorneys or speak with the expertise that you would, but our content team has been writing and editing legal content for years. We do a great deal of subject research along with our keyword research to ensure that the content is accurate, useful, and aligns with what is ranking highly on Google.

You do not need to provide any base content, bullet points, or information for us during the content creation process. However, if there is a new topic you’d like us to write about, submit a ticket or email [email protected] and we can fit it into our queue.

On any given topic we create content about, there may be new laws or recent relevant information that you are aware of as an expert. At each month-end, you will receive a report that includes links to any new pages we’ve created. If there are any updates you’d like made to these pages, submit a request or email our team and we’ll make it happen.

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