FindLaw Lawyer Directory: Your Guide to Finding Legal Help

Mar 18, 2024

Patrick Carver

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How It Works

When you’re aiming to expand your law firm’s reach, understanding the intricacies of the FindLaw Lawyer Directory can be integral to your strategy. Here’s a snapshot of how it functions.

Brief History of Directory, Who It’s For

FindLaw started in 1995 and now thrives under Thomson Reuters. It’s not just any legal marketing company; it’s a hub of free legal resources for a spectrum of users—legal professionals, law students, and businesses. If you’re in bankruptcy, criminal defense, estate planning, family law, immigration, or personal injury, your firm can gain substantial visibility through FindLaw.

Free Services

Your firm’s digital footprint starts with a profile on FindLaw’s Lawyer Directory—and guess what? It’s free. Such a listing lets consumers and small businesses discover you with ease. Your contact info and practice areas will be accessible to thousands on the web, offering a prime legal resource without costing you a dime.

Paid Services

Cue the game-changer for your law firm: FindLaw’s paid services. Think SEO optimization by Constellation Marketing, which could boost your monthly revenue by over 300%. With FindLaw, you can opt for premium profiles, comprehensive attorney websites, and social media solutions—all designed to highlight your firm and attract clients who need you the most.


In the digital space, your firm’s reputation hinges on reviews and ratings. Let’s dive into the why and how.

Is Getting Reviews Here Important?

Absolutely, reviews on attorney directories like FindLaw amplify your firm’s reputation. Peers and clients use them to discern your expertise in areas such as family law or personal injury. A high rating can directly influence a prospective client’s decision, guiding them right to your email address.

How to Get Reviews?

Start by enabling the review feature on your lawyer profile. Don’t be shy — ask your clients to share their experiences. Highlight their positive feedback, especially verified reviews, for a bolstered user experience. Remember, your insights on legal topics in the consumer newsletter can drive a higher volume of reviews and enhance your firm’s presence on lawyer directories.

Is It Worth It?

Choosing the right marketing tools can significantly impact your law firm’s growth trajectory. Particularly if you specialize in areas like personal injury or family law, the visibility and reach provided by a robust platform are invaluable.

Reviews Of The Platform

You know that with legal help, reputation is everything. When your potential clients are sifting through a sea of options, FindLaw’s lawyer directory leverages its substantial inbound link profile to help your listing stand out. Factoring in the variety of resources, such as contact options or availability of legal forms, FindLaw streamlines the client’s journey from search to hiring a lawyer. With the backing of quality marketing support from agencies like Constellation Marketing—who practice elevating law firms—you’re not just listed; you’re highlighted. If you’re keen on harnessing state law knowledge, honing in on the experience, and offering free legal information effectively, then investing in a platform known for its comprehensive attorney search capabilities could align with your firm’s drive to flourish.


Can you lose leads if you delete your Findlaw Profile?

Wondering if cutting ties with your FindLaw profile might send potential clients packing? You bet. That digital presence is a beacon for leads specifically tailored for law firms like yours, focusing on areas such as bankruptcy and personal injury. Without it, you’re missing out on a targeted demographic searching for expert legal counsel.

Can I Buy My Website if I Quit FindLaw?

Thinking about breaking up with FindLaw and anxious about your website’s fate? Here’s the scoop: navigating away from FindLaw could mean you wave goodbye to the site they’ve cultivated for you. Consider your website a rented space; it’s theirs by default. If you’re itching to have something you can call your own, let’s talk about crafting a website that you fully own—boosting SEO and driving traffic to proudly showcase your firm’s prowess.

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