How to Close More Cases

Feb 4, 2022

Patrick Carver

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This is Part Three of our three-part series on how to maximize your immigration law firm’s growth.

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When It Comes to SEO, You’ve Made It. Now What?

So… you’ve got a great online presence and Google recognizes you as a top resource. The calls are coming in!

How do you capitalize on that success?


Building a Great Sales Process

You need a great process to close all that business!

This doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s really just a matter of being organized and committing to the process.

There are three pieces of the puzzle when it comes to closing more clients.


1. Sales process

You don’t need expensive software to have a solid sales process, although there’s plenty of tech out there that can make this easier. You just need something that will help you track leads as they come in and help you be consistent in when and how you follow up with them.

Start by mapping out the common stages your potential customers go through. What do you need to do at each stage of the process? Check in, send a contract, prepare a document…

Then, list out which clients are in each stage of the process and make sure you have a reminder for what needs to happen in each stage.

There is legal-specific software that can help you with this, there’s also more general software. Some people even use a spreadsheet for this. The biggest thing is to really DO IT – make a consistent plan for what should take place, and then make sure it happens for each lead who comes in.


2. Multiple Touchpoints

If you speak with a prospective client and they say they’re going to take some time to think about who to hire, do you just let them sit there? Many attorneys do! But, you shouldn’t.

Your sales closing techniques should include multiple touchpoints. This is as simple as contacting people more than once.

A key step is to make sure to collect their info (phone, email, etc.) during your first contact with the person. You can also ask what their plans for hiring an attorney are or when they intend to decide by.

Then, decide on a set of checkpoints to use after someone makes contact with you. Think about using multiple channels – trying email if they don’t answer the phone, or going back to Facebook messenger if that’s how they first reached out.

As you go through this, of course you don’t want to go overboard and contact people constantly. But, keep in mind that a lack of response on one or two attempts does NOT mean they aren’t interested! People get busy and decisions get pushed back – so it’s important to check in.


3. Mindset

Having the right mindset can help as you check in with prospective clients, especially if you’re a reluctant salesperson or are worried about bugging people.

First: remember that people who came to your site or sent an inquiry are looking for you! They came to you, because you provide a necessary service. Following up is helpful!

Second: Positive thinking about how you can be helpful to people during a difficult time, as they make a difficult decision. During your multiple checkpoints, you don’t need to ask for their business every time. You might share resources or information that is relevant to someone in their position.

Finally, keep after it and be confident! You’re great at what you do, but the average person can’t necessarily discern what makes a great attorney upon first meeting. It takes a little time to establish trust.


Bringing It All Together…

Putting money towards acquiring leads through SEO or advertising is a huge waste if you don’t have a good process to close sales for those clients.

As you start to work on your online presence, don’t neglect your sales closing techniques: set up a system, reach out to those prospective clients, and keep working on it!

Patrick Carver

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