Why a Law Firm Website is Fundamental

Why a Law Firm Website is a Fundamental Part of Your Promotional Plan

Most businesses realize that they need a solid online presence to draw in clients. It pretty much goes without saying that you 100% need a website to have an effective SEO presence for your law firm in today’s legal world. Your law firm website is your business card, not your social media platform. Without one, you risk missing clients, looking unprofessional, and becoming irrelevant to the next generation of legal customers. We recommend that every practice has at least a basic website, at a minimum.

The more comprehensive, the better.

Law Firm SEO


Does My Law Firm Really Need a Website?

According to the Wikipedia website, various pages of related content are identified by one domain name and published on one or more web servers. Hyperlinking between pages guides navigation throughout the site. This typically begins with a home page.

So, if you wonder whether your law firm requires a website, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” We understand that not all practices rely on acquiring their customers through channels like SEO or lawyer advertising and instead receive most of their clients from referrals.

Even if that’s the case, you need a website for your law firm to help demonstrate your abilities and track record. There are many different marketing strategies that your firm can utilize.

Webpage vs. Website 

A website is a comprehensive, overall promotion of the legal firm. A webpage, on the other hand, is about the specific areas that the law firm covers. Each webpage consists of content related to the primary website and is identified by a single domain name, and is published on one or more web servers.

Using SEO and linking amongst the pages supports the primary website.


Create an Amazing User Experience

When creating an amazing user experience, the right legal marketing firm will create a plan specific to your office. They will research your company, the most recent information about your practice areas in the state, and the location in which you are located.

Having a website makes it easy for new clients to obtain information and, therefore, ultimately retain your services. We include client references to prove prior success.


Tips for a Successful Web Development Process

Generally, the tips for an attorney to develop a successful web development process require a team of experts. First, they should choose the right developer or provider. Next, they should do the following:

  • Discuss goals and expectations at the beginning
  • Develop a clear timeline/milestones
  • Use a standard content management system like WordPress
  • Ensure there is a plan in place to deal with any new issues that come, as well as have someone who can support the website

Keeping a keen eye on the ever-changing Internet strategies is essential. Using relevant SEO terminology is necessary. Then writing informational website content that supports the primary page is helpful.

We build all of our client websites using WordPress, which has a free offering if you want to go the DIY route. There are plenty of other simple and low-cost website providers like Squarespace who can provide a basic option for your law firm’s marketing efforts. You don’t need to build something intense for your law firm or spend hours and hours working on the site in order to receive value from the law firm marketing plan. If you don’t build a website and claim your name online, someone else (like a legal directory) will, and then they’ll try to sell you back the leads they collect using your law firm name, same case with your social media marketing channels.

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