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Apr 25, 2024

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How It Works

Navigating LawInfo’s lawyer directory is a strategic move if you’re looking to amplify your law firm’s online presence. Let’s explore the components that keep this platform robust and efficient.

Brief History

LawInfo, steered by Thomson Reuters, stands as a pioneer in the digital world by linking consumers with Lead Counsel Verified attorneys. Built on a foundation of trust and expert knowledge, this directory marked its territory on the internet as a cornerstone for legal connections.

Free Services

If you can showcase ample professional experience and a clean disciplinary record, your profile gains credibility through free Lead Counsel Verification. This badge of honor isn’t just a token; it vividly tells potential clients that you are a trustworthy choice in their legal quests.


Paid Services

Scaling your firm could be a thrilling venture with LawInfo’s paid services. For a specific rate, start at the standard listing or choose to rank higher with premium services; these yearly contracts come without renewal stress—once ended, listings are promptly retired. Get in touch, and a sales agent will concoct the perfect strategy tailored just for your niche—be it family law or personal injury, they’ve got your back.

Profile Optimization

Optimizing your LawInfo profile can make a significant difference in your firm’s online visibility and client acquisition.

Reasons to Get a Profile

In a popular legal directory like LawInfo, having a profile increases your online presence. This visibility is key in a digital era where potential clients frequently turn to the internet to find experienced attorneys. With a profile, your practice can showcase its strengths and areas of expertise in law, such as family law or personal injury, and make a strong impression on those with a legal issue.

How to Get the Profile

To feature in the LawInfo directory, you must complete their Lead Counsel Application. This verifies your credentials, ensuring you meet the necessary practice and ethical standards. Submit your contact form, details about your firm, and your credentials for review. If the Lead Counsel Review Team approves, your attorney listing goes live upon payment, and you can reap the benefits for a full year.

Remember, a gripping web presence can be a game-changer for your firm. And if you’re looking to leverage marketing techniques that could potentially amplify your revenue significantly, tapping into law firm SEO is a step you can’t afford to skip. Consider revamping your firm’s website to keep it visually appealing and free of clutter, which can be a decisive factor for clients exploring their options online.

Crafting a profile is just one part of a comprehensive marketing strategy that also includes effective advertising tactics and continuous efforts to stand out through innovative law firm web design. Embrace this opportunity to position your firm ahead of the competition and unlock new avenues for growth.


When you’re navigating the bustling world of legal marketing, remember that reviews and ratings are your firm’s digital handshake with potential clients. A shiny string of positive reviews can act as a beacon, guiding consumers through the sea of legal information to your law office door.

Is Getting Reviews Here Important?

Absolutely. In the realm where cases are complex and every consumer’s situation is unique, reviews can be a deciding factor. Think of reviews as testimonials in your favor. They’re not just comments; they’re potent narratives that can propel your family law or personal injury practice into the limelight. Within the LawInfo directory, reviews can elevate your profile, reinforcing your credibility.

How to Get Reviews?

Start by impressing your clients with stellar service in bankruptcy or immigration cases, then simply ask. Happy clients often want to share their experiences. Make it easy for them by sending follow-up emails with links to your listing, where they can express their satisfaction. And remember, every review is a chance for potential clients to discover why you’re the Lead Counsel they’re seeking. If you’ve contributed significantly to your field or have accolades to your name, let them shine in this space.

Is it Worth It?


Directory Value

Consider your goals first when deciding if a LawInfo listing is a sound investment for your firm. Evaluating the caliber of citations the directory offers is key—opt for one that provides do-follow links, as they can significantly impact your SEO efforts.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Now, let’s talk expenses. LawInfo is on the pricier end of legal directories. If it enjoys a high rank in your locale, parting with those extra dollars might just amplify your visibility. But ponder this—will the cost truly reflect in your firm’s growth, especially if your specialty is in high demand, like personal injury or family law?


Navigating the legal landscape can be tricky, but using resources like the LawInfo directory might just be your roadmap. Whether you’re a consumer-facing a case or an attorney aiming to enhance your visibility across the United States, here’s the lowdown.

How does Lawinfo work?

LawInfo operates as a user-friendly platform that connects consumers with legal issues to attorneys who specialize in their area of need. Simply input your case details into their searchable directory, and voila, you’ve got a list of qualified leads. It’s like your personal legal matchmaker without the awkward first date.

Is Lawinfo worth it?

For law firms, especially you dynamos in bankruptcy, family law, or immigration, consider LawInfo a worthy ally. Owned by Thomson Reuters, this heavyweight plays a pivotal role in client acquisition, funneling relevant cases directly to your office. Translation: potential revenue spike without the heavy lifting. Besides, with Constellation Marketing on your team, picture your practice taking a high jump of over 300% in monthly revenue. Search rankings and client traffic are big wins all around. Who wouldn’t swipe right on that?

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