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May 25, 2024

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How It Works

lawyercom lawyer directory how it works

Navigating’s lawyer directory is straightforward, giving quick access to a wide range of legal resources. Whether you’re an attorney looking to broaden your client base or someone in need of trusted legal advice, the process here is tailored to connect you with the right expertise.

History of Directory, Who It’s For’s journey began in 2009, with its roots planted by co-founder Gerald Gorman back in 1998. Part of the authoritative Martindale-Avvo network, this directory stands out for its credibility.

If you run a law firm practicing fields such as personal injury or family law and aim to boost your monthly revenue significantly, this space is curated for you. Constellation Marketing’s strategies are employed here to propel your firm’s growth.

Free Services (Getting a Profile)

Setting up your free directory listing on is a breeze. You get the opportunity to showcase your firm, list your practice areas, and be seen by potential clients. It’s a step towards making sure that when someone needs legal help, you’re easy to find.

Paid Services

Jumping from a free profile to Premium Member status unleashes a multitude of services designed to increase your firm’s revenue. LawyerLine offers call intake support around the clock, ensuring you never miss a potential client’s call. LawyerConvert manages client interactions across all marketing channels, providing consistent, top-notch customer service while your team focuses on their core duties.

Profile Optimization

Creating a visible, optimized profile on is essential for amplifying your law firm’s online presence.

Reasons to Get a Profile

By securing a Premium Profile, you propel your firm to forefront positions in search rankings for your specialty, be it family law, immigration, or intellectual property, across relevant counties. It’s not just about visibility; it’s about being the go-to firm in your area. Plus, you’ll have direct phone access to a dedicated support team for personalized guidance.’s platform is user-friendly, enabling you to edit content or opt for assistance from a Member Representative. As a Premium Member, you’re entitled to exclusive upgrades, like Top Practice Listings and LawyerLine service. Membership also rewards you with LAWPOINTS™ as you reach anniversary milestones, underscoring your commitment and boosting your profile’s strength.

How to Get the Profile

To enhance your firm’s growth, begin by creating your premium directory listing at If you’re already partnering through profiles, your listing is streamlined. For premium visibility, is the sole avenue. Once on board, expect calls to be detailed and screened, delivered directly to you with a custom announcement—courtesy of’s Value Guarantee.


Why They Matter

In the legal realm, your reputation can be the cornerstone of your practice’s growth. Reviews and ratings on platforms like are not just feedback; they embody the trust your clients and peers place in your expertise. From bankruptcy to elder law, a high rating can set you apart in a potential client’s decision-making process.

How to Garner Reviews

To amplify your presence, garnering reviews from both clients and peers is key. Securing reviews across the Martindale-Avvo Legal Network bolsters your credibility; your review score culminates from averages on,, and For law firm owners striving for expansion, this is a critical step in showcasing your prowess in litigation, taxation, or product liability.

Is It Worth It?

lawyercom lawyer directory is it worth it

Assessing Value for Your Practice

Deciding if is the right investment for your firm isn’t a clear-cut decision. If the directory shines in Google rankings for your keywords and location, it may funnel credible leads. This is because boasts a sturdy Moz authority rating, enhancing your firm’s trust and authority. Check your area’s ranking—impactful SEO strategies from professionals could amplify this effect further, making the benefit two-fold.

Costs vs. Long-Term Gains

Although listing costs are aligned with industry SEO standards, remember the lack of a perpetual benefit post-subscription. Unlike traditional SEO, where costs per lead typically diminish over time, with, the tap runs dry the moment your listing lapses. Weigh this against scalable SEO tactics that Constellation Marketing leverages to potentially boost your firm’s revenue by over 300% and maintain a lasting impression on the digital frontier.


How can I advertise on or be listed on

Just like Constellation Marketing elevates law firms’ online prominence, provides prime virtual real estate for lawyers seeking new clients. Opt for the Premium Lawyer Profile to showcase your firm prominently above the standard listings. You’re not restricted to a single specialty; choose multiple practice areas like estate planning or immigration to capture targeted leads. If you’re aiming higher, consider sponsoring a specific practice area in your city or state with’s tailored advertising solutions.

Can I sign up for a free lawyer listing at

Joining’s directory isn’t free, but it’s straightforward. Either go for the Premium Lawyer Profile or get listed through one of’s partners. It’s wise to check periodically—either quarterly or annually—to see if a partner has added your listing. Remember, whether you practice family law or personal injury, being part of this directory can substantially increase your firm’s monthly revenue and growth prospects.

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