46 Law Firm Marketing Ideas (Proven + Actionable)

Sep 14, 2023

Patrick Carver

Patrick Carver, CEO & Founder, Constellation Marketing

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You’re an attorney, not a marketer, but it’s still imperative to get the word out about your legal services.

Our law firm marketing agency specializes in helping legal practices like yours succeed online. We deploy the proven legal marketing strategies we’re detailing here to help our clients average 178 leads per month!

Read and bookmark this post to access a gold mine of proven and actionable law firm marketing strategies and ideas!

Law Firm Website Marketing Strategies

1. Build a Website

Building a website is a fundamental step in your law firm marketing strategy. Your law firm website serves as the cornerstone of your online presence and is typically the first impression you make on a prospective client.

A well-designed and client-centered law firm website is essential. It should answer common questions, prominently display your contact information, and allow online appointment bookings.

According to Erin Walker, Director of Content and Communications at Clio,

“Your website is often the first impression you make with your prospective clients, and will set the tone for the kind of engagement they should expect from your firm.

“A simple website that addresses the most commonly asked questions you have from new clients is a better investment than an expensive site that might look nice but doesn’t answer their questions. You might be surprised how many solutions are out there that can help you do this yourself, without needing to know how to code.”

2. Install Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics tracks and reports website traffic. If you are contributing directly to your law firm marketing efforts or paying someone else to, you should be tracking and measuring their performance. Otherwise, you are wasting the majority of your time.

When we talk with clients, they often speak about their legal marketing performance in a binary way: it’s either working or not. But, there are better ways to measure your success, including Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Google Analytics helps attorneys like you understand your audience through detailed insights on user demographics, behavior, and conversion metrics, enabling you to tailor your content and marketing strategies effectively to engage and attract potential clients.

Google Tag Manager allows for the easy implementation and management of tracking codes, facilitating the collection of precise data on user interactions with your website, which aids in refining marketing tactics and improving user experience without the need for complex coding.

3. Stay Visible with SSL Encryption

If you haven’t taken the step to add an SSL certificate to your website, you are behind the competition. An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that provides authentication for a website and enables an encrypted connection. It essentially vouches for your website to incoming users.

Ever noticed the little lock icon in your browser URL? That’s it. It’s important to have one on your site because it’s a Google ranking factor.

An SSL certificate not only enhances your website’s security through encryption but also boosts search engine ranking by meeting security criteria, reinforces user trust with visible security indicators, ensures compliance with data privacy regulations, and gives your website a professional online presence.

4. Optimize your Content for Voice Searches

Optimizing your law firm website content for voice searches is essential in the digital age. Although this isn’t a new practice, it continues to grow in importance for your law firm SEO performance.

With the increasing prevalence of voice-activated devices like smartphones and smart speakers, potential clients are using voice search to find legal services at an unprecedented rate. To enhance your online visibility and attract these users, it’s crucial to create content that’s conversational, concise, and filled with natural language queries.

Incorporating long-tail keywords, FAQs, and concise answers to common legal questions helps your website rank higher in voice search results. By aligning your content with how people speak, you position your law firm to connect with potential clients seeking legal assistance through voice searches.

5. Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Since 2016, the majority of web traffic has come from mobile devices. That’s why optimizing your website design for mobile searchers is essential. Law firm marketing tactics are highly competitive, and every second counts. Mobile optimization is both necessary and lucrative.

6. Optimize Your Website for Speed

Your law firm’s site must load fast so site visitors don’t lose interest before you have a chance to convert them into clients. Loading speed is key due to its impact on how your site ranks. Google wants websites to load quickly on all devices, anywhere in the world.

7. Include Plenty of Calls to Action

A call to action (CTA) is a prompt on a website that urges the visitor to take immediate action. For attorneys, the essence of a CTA is to guide potential clients toward engagement that can lead to direct contact or further interaction with your legal services. The purpose is to transform passive website viewers into active participants, thereby increasing the chances of converting inquiries into consultations and, ultimately, clients.

Examples include clear directives like “Schedule a Free Consultation,” “Download Our Legal Guide,” or “Subscribe to Legal Updates,” strategically positioned in high-visibility areas such as blog posts, service pages, headers, footers, and sidebars. Effective CTAs are succinct, compelling, and consistently available throughout your site to ensure they capture visitor interest at multiple interaction points.

8. Add a Chatbot to Your Law Firm Website

Adding a chatbot to your law firm website enhances user experience by providing immediate and convenient responses to common queries, even outside regular business hours. When you support potential clients in quickly obtaining the information they need, it increases the likelihood they will reach out to you for legal services.

Chatbots can also streamline client intake processes, efficiently collecting information and routing inquiries to the right department or attorney. They free up your staff’s time by handling routine questions and improve client engagement, efficiency, and the functionality of your law firm website.

9. Feature Client Reviews on Your Website

law firm marketing ideas building trust

Featuring client reviews on your attorney website is of paramount importance. It builds trust and credibility with potential clients, as real testimonials from satisfied clients are the most powerful endorsements of your legal services. These reviews offer social proof that your firm can deliver positive outcomes and help you transcend from stranger to trusted advisor.

Additionally, client reviews provide valuable insights into your firm’s strengths and areas of expertise, helping potential clients to make informed decisions. By conveying a track record of success, you not only distinguish your practice from competitors but also create a transparent and trustworthy online presence, which is essential in the competitive legal industry.

Success Story

The Law Office of Valery Nechay faced a slew of challenges before partnering with Constellation: relying on referrals and having low online visibility resulted in inconsistent new business opportunities. Valery Nechay chose to pursue Constellation’s tailored law firm marketing strategy, which focused on SEO optimization and organic traffic generation.

Within a year, her firm underwent a remarkable transformation, achieving first-page rankings for over 283 keywords on Google and revenue increased threefold. This case study highlights how a comprehensive marketing approach can transform a struggling law firm into a thriving practice.

Legal Content Marketing Strategies

10. Unlock the Potential of Content Marketing

Your creative marketing ideas should definitely go beyond merely having a website. Content marketing is a critical aspect of attracting your target audience.

When creating content for your law firm online, consider integrating some of the most common questions related to your practice area. This approach optimizes your content for voice searches and improves your website traffic.

When writing content on your page, mix in some of the most common questions related to your topic. Google will show these to you if you start a search. Take some and write your answers.

11. Freshen Up Content Annually

To improve your traffic and conversion rate, regularly update your old content, ideally every year, to keep it fresh and relevant. Creating valuable and informative content is a highly effective law firm content marketing strategy. It helps you establish your authority and connect with your target audience.

12. Create Super Pages

“Super Pages” are vast pages that thoroughly cover an entire topic in all its facets. Covering a topic thoroughly in at least 1,000 words signals to the search engines that you are an expert on the subject matter and helps boost your rankings.

13. Develop Supporting Content for Primary Pages

It is important to create a content silo supporting a primary page.  A content silo is created by publishing 2-3 content pieces relevant to the topic of the primary page.

Google understands the organization of your law firm website by following the internal links, so you need to help cultivate that understanding by connecting your law firm marketing content in a meaningful hub.

14. Write a Press Release

law firm marketing ideas legal blogs

A press release can be a good marketing strategy for firms—even if you don’t have earth-shattering news to share—because creating that one piece of content can generate as many as 30-50 links to your site.

Wayne Pollock, Founder and Managing Attorney of Copo Strategies, a legal services and communications firm, explains how to make your press release valuable:

“Press releases are wonderfully effective tools for engaging the media, your clients, and your referral sources, though one size rarely fits all.

“Press releases aimed at informing your clients and referral sources about developments at your firm can be self-congratulatory. But if you want the media to cover what’s in a particular press release, you must tell a compelling story that focuses on your client and their legal issues.”

SEO Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

15. Claim Your Google Business Profile

Your firm’s Google Business Profile is a digital product that Google provides for local businesses. It’s also a key part of local SEO that displays your law firm practice areas and the services you offer.

To ensure your online success, pay attention to local SEO tactics and create a robust Google Business Profile. These steps help you stay visible to potential clients in local search results.

Have you ever searched for a business by name? That informational box on the right side of the search results is a Google Business Profile listing, which doubles as a superb source of traffic to your website.

16. Give Every Page a Primary Keyword

Assigning a primary keyword to each web page and blog post on your site is fundamental to creating amazing law firm content.

For every piece of legal content marketing you create for your law firm, it’s ideal to organize your information around one topic (aka, keyword).

17. Use Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) is a free web service that allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize the visibility of their websites. A potent digital marketing tool for law firms, GSC acts like a secret phone line between your law firm’s website and Google’s search engine results pages.

18. Use Surfer to Create Data-Backed Content Outlines

Using Surfer to create data-backed content outlines is helpful because it harnesses the power of SEO data and analysis, ensuring that your content is optimized for search engines and more likely to rank well.

By integrating data-driven insights into your content planning, you can make informed decisions on topics, keywords, and structure, ultimately improving your content’s relevance and visibility in search results.

Surfer co-founder Michal Suski discusses why his tool is terrific for law firm websites:

“Combining your expertise as a lawyer with feeding the Google Algorithm with the right terms and variations makes a perfect marriage. Don’t waste time on creating a masterpiece that won’t have chances to rank.

“The legal industry is competitive, and you need that edge to stand out from your competitors. Surfer’s content editor and content planner make it easy to identify the most important topics and keywords to include in your content.”

19. Write Guest Posts for Non-Competitive Firms

The two most important components of a successful search engine optimization strategy are content and links. One relatively simple way to obtain these links is guest posting on other attorney websites.

Seek out colleagues in your area with different practice areas or those in different markets with similar practice areas.

20. Use Rich Snippets

Schema, also known as Rich Snippets, is a layer of additional information added to a website page to help Google better understand its purpose. We recommend adding relevant schema types to your law firm website pages and blog posts.

21. Sign Up for Legal Directories

Daniel Tan at Find US Lawyers Directory, one of the growing legal directories in the market cites four key benefits to using legal directories as part of your law firm SEO:

  • They give you a more comprehensive web presence.
  • Backlinks to your law firm website help your rankings in organic search engine results.
  • A key factor in Google’s Local Search (Maps) algorithm is a consistent Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) across the web. Online legal directories allow you to control how your address is formatted.
  • They offer a form of reputation management; prospective clients check out your online law firm reviews before calling your office.

22. Syndicate Your Citations

Citations are a major piece of a law firm’s marketing efforts. According to Myles Anderson, CEO of BrightLocal,

“Inaccurate or inconsistent names, addresses, or phone numbers online can create a lot of confusion for potential clients that are searching for a trustworthy firm. Syndicating citations through data aggregators can be a cost-effective and painless way for legal firms to distribute their business information to thousands of different sources.

Local data aggregators blast business details to multiple sites in one go, helping save firms from spending hours to painstakingly submit and check the accuracy of thousands of sources.”

Law Firm Advertising Strategies

23. Create a Google Ads Campaign

Regarding lawyer advertising, it’s tough to beat Google Ads (formerly called Google Adwords). In addition to organic efforts, you can explore paid advertising to generate new leads. Ad campaigns, such as Google Ads, may be a valuable addition to your overall law firm marketing plan. Most law firms have a marketing budget for this.

If you’re an attorney who is just getting started, we recommend setting up a basic Google Ads campaign. Jordan Le, an expert on legal advertising on Google, shares,

“If you’re not using the power of the internet to grow your law practice & still relying on referrals then you’re leaving a whole lot of money on the table. Running online ads can help you consistently generate high quality leads when done right.

“With online ads, everything is trackable and measurable down to the penny. You can forecast how much new business you’ll get each month with the predictability from online ads.”

24. Use a Google Ads Credit

Free advertising! This is an extension of the previous tip to create a Google Ads campaign.

To test the waters and get a feel for the system, take advantage of Google’s promotional offer. Typically, they will give you a free ad credit equal to 2x your advertising spend (up to a certain point). We often see coupons for spending $50 get a $50 bonus. For tips on where to find these, give us a shout!

25. Launch a Facebook Retargeting Campaign

Have you ever been shopping online, and then that same pair of shoes follow you around for the next month? That’s retargeting. You might find it annoying, but the truth is that it works.

Realistically, the first time someone inquires about legal services, they may not be ready to sign up. Since you usually need multiple touchpoints with a prospect before the sales process, retargeting is a cost-effective way to get back in front of potential customers.

26. Avoid Google’s Advertising Consultants

If you are a human with a pulse, you have likely received a call from an “Advertising Consultant” with Google who has been kind enough to review your advertising account and prepare some free suggestions.

It won’t ultimately be worth your time and could leave you with a staggering credit card bill. This group of consultants is actually from a third party who has been contracted to try and increase your advertising spend, often at the expense of your performance. All Google wants from their perspective is to have you pay for lots of clicks.

27. Create Dedicated Landing Pages for Potential Clients

Landing pages are specialized pages that help increase the likelihood of a user becoming a lead.

When we run advertising traffic to regular website pages, our conversion rate is usually below 5%. With landing pages, the conversion rate increases to between 15-50% on average! With click costs rising, adding a landing page is a key asset that will dramatically reduce your cost per acquisition (CPA).

28. Try Bing for Lower Cost Clicks

Did you know that there is another search engine out there besides Google? It turns out that people actually use Bing to reach potential clients. Due to its smaller audience, Bing clicks can be up to 70% less expensive than their Google equivalents.

29. Build a Lead Generation Funnel

A legal social media marketing funnel is a way to take someone from cold prospect to lead. Facebook Ads are commonly used to drive traffic to your website, and Google Ads are also a top-notch option to find potential clients. Again, a compelling landing page is a must!

According to the President of Sail Away Media, Alyssa Ege,

“Typically, lawyers point traffic from social to the homepage of their website. Unfortunately, websites don’t usually have a specific call to action. People click around and browse, but it’s difficult to turn a website viewer into a lead.

“Instead, give the prospect clear cut instructions with a series of landing pages. For instance, you can ask for an email address to redeem a free consultation or a downloadable freebie. Once they provide their email address and show interest, the next page can provide a calendar for them to book a call with you. Now you’re filling your calendar with booked calls rather than wasting time with website views.”

30. Utilize CRM Software

Typically utilized for higher-volume businesses, there is a growing trend for firms to use customer relationship management (CRM). For many firms, it’s a numbers game. To consistently generate the revenue you’re after, it’s important to bring in a specific number of new intakes.

Not everyone you speak with will become a client, so it’s vital that you develop a system to track and manage prospective clients from social media platforms or other channels through the buying process.

AI-Based Marketing Strategies

31. Leverage the Power of ChatGPT and Similar AI Tools

Law firms can leverage artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT to generate inspiration for social media posts, newsletters, and other content. These tools rapidly produce informative and relevant content ideas, legal tips, and answers to common legal questions, serving as a valuable resource for content creators.

AI tools help law firms stay productive and consistent with their content marketing efforts, while saving time and ensuring that their online presence remains informative and engaging. Be sure to proofread and revise any AI-generated content so that it sounds natural and flows well.

32. Create Images with AI

AI tools like DALL·E and MidJourney are revolutionizing the creation of social media images. Harnessing the power of generative AI, these tools generate attractive visuals from textual descriptions, enabling your law firm to produce eye-catching and unique images for social media posts.

This tactic saves time and allows for creative flexibility and originality in visual content, helping your firm stand out in the crowded digital landscape and more effectively engage your audience with potent and on-brand graphics.

Video Marketing Strategies

33. Gain Traction with Educational Video Content

Lawyers can harness the growing popularity of video marketing by creating informative and educational video content. Consider producing simple videos that explain complex legal concepts, provide useful suggestions for navigating common legal issues, and offer insights into recent legal developments.

Educational content bolsters your expertise and resonates with an audience seeking guidance and solutions. By addressing your potential clients’ questions and concerns through video, you build trust, credibility, and a strong online presence.

As people increasingly turn to video for both information and entertainment, lawyers can leverage this trend to more effectively reach and connect with their target audience, ultimately enhancing their marketing efforts and client engagement.

34. Share Video Testimonials and Success Stories

Encourage satisfied clients to share their experiences and outcomes on video, as video testimonials and success stories are a the ideal way to demonstrate your legal expertise and client satisfaction.

These authentic endorsements help build trust with prospective clients by showcasing real-world examples of your firm’s positive impact. In an age where trust and reputation are paramount, video testimonials can be a compelling addition to your marketing strategy, drawing attention to your firm’s proven track record.

Email Marketing Strategies

35. Send Regular Newsletters to Previous Clients

Even though it may not be a primary channel, email marketing is one of the best ways to market your law firm. Yes, a newsletter can help grow intakes.

Include a subtle reminder that you are seeking referrals, in case your past or current clients know anyone who needs legal practice services. Reach out to past clients to wish them a happy birthday, share information on changes to laws in your area, or run a giveaway contest. The possibilities are endless!

36. Create a Newsletter Targeting Your Colleagues

Many of the firms we work with rely on referrals from colleagues as their only source of business.

We believe a multi-channel approach gives you more security and opportunities to increase revenue, but we also love referrals.

The goal is to put yourself in front of mind to other attorneys who may need to make a referral. Email campaigns don’t need to be complex. Start with a small email campaign and build from there.

Branding and Reputation Marketing Strategies

law firm marketing ideas understanding brand identity

37. Get Professional Photography

Professional photography is often seen as an afterthought to a law firm marketing plan. One of the most undervalued investments a law firm can make is professional photography, which sets the tone for everything else.

Greg Lorfing, CEO and Creative Director of Gittings Global notes that quality photography can help you establish trust early with prospective clients:

“Your web presence reflects your company. It is here that prospective clients and employees go to gather an impression of your firm and your professionals. Keeping your website consistent with updated and professional portraits that showcase your people is critical. This allows clients to connect more personally with your firm and begin to build trust in your services.”

38. Identify Your Law Firm’s Voice and Core Principles

Putting thought into your law firm’s branding is a simple, but effective strategy to ensure that you’re portraying your image to clients in exactly the way you wish.

This practice helps identify your unique selling points and who you’re trying to reach. With that information, you’re in a much better position to become the law firm of choice rather than trying to be everything to everyone.

39. Create a Customer Persona

It’s a truly valuable exercise to map out what an ideal customer looks like for your business.

From what we’ve seen with our law firm marketing agency clients, firms with a clear understanding of their clients are able to grow quicker. Attempting to get cases across a wide variety of practice areas is possible, but that is typically harder to scale, which makes growth drag.

Setting up some basic parameters about who you’re looking for will help you considerably as you try to market your law firm.

40. Ask Colleagues for Reviews

Have you ever worked on a matter with another colleague? Ask them to review your performance.

While your primary group of providers should be your past legal clients, if you’re just getting started and want to ensure that you’re receiving a steady flow of activity to your review page, ask your colleagues.

A collection of glowing online reviews and client testimonials makes all your online efforts much more valuable!

41. Encourage Clients to Leave a Review

Cultivating reviews from happy clients is a proven way to help grow your business. Reviews are also important because they are a ranking factor for Google’s Local Search Algorithm. Having a robust Google Business listing makes a tremendous difference in your practice!

We built our own review management software for lawyers to make this process as painless as possible. Simply add a person to the invitation form, and they will receive a series of polite emails asking for a review.

Marketing Ideas for Community Involvement

42. Speak at a Local Event or Organization Meeting

Clearly, we love digital promotion activities and advocate utilizing it as much as possible. And there are other ways to generate clients in the analog world.

A live event offers a stellar opportunity to speak directly to your ideal clients about your favorite practice area. Plenty of people are suspicious of conducting business online, and a personal connection obtained at a live event dramatically increases your chances of earning their trust.

Regularly speaking at local events is a supplement to your overall promotion plan that helps increase your law firm’s brand awareness.

43. Sponsor or Volunteer at Community Events

Lawyers sponsoring local festivals and events, volunteering as a firm, and partnering with charitable organizations for fundraisers or events are impactful ways for legal professionals to strengthen their community presence.

Sponsoring local events demonstrates an authentic commitment to the community while also providing valuable exposure for your law firm.

Volunteering collectively as a legal team fosters a sense of camaraderie among staff while addressing local needs, from pro bono legal services to mentoring and educational initiatives.

Collaborating with established charitable organizations for fundraisers or events aligns your firm’s brand with noble causes and promotes social responsibility. These endeavors help attorneys build meaningful relationships and goodwill, ultimately enhancing their reputation and client relationships.

Social Media Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

44. Claim Your Social Media Profiles

If we’re being perfectly honest, we don’t put a whole lot of effort into social media posts compared to our work with SEO and advertising.

We have found that the vast majority of our client’s leads come from Google Search and Google Ads. Nonetheless, your law firm’s social media presence boosts brand awareness and is a valid networking tool, making it a worthwhile tactic in your digital marketing strategy.

45. Develop a Realistic Posting Schedule

Once you’ve set up social media profiles for your law firm, you may feel the pressure to begin posting pictures or video content incessantly. But you don’t have to be a social media influencer to participate and get value.

A simple posting schedule will help ensure that your social media pages look alive and representative of a law firm that is open for business.

46. Connect with Local Business Owners on LinkedIn

Most attorneys get referrals from their existing network. So, how do you build a more sustainable pipeline of new cases? Expand your network!

With social media, it’s extremely simple to find other business owners in your area. Connecting with others in your area on LinkedIn just to say hello is an easy way to expand your network, market your law firm, and create more of those serendipitous moments.

Supercharge Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy Today!

In the competitive world of legal services, it’s essential for lawyers to adopt a multifaceted marketing approach that combines traditional strategies with the latest digital advancements.

We’ve outlined numerous proven and actionable strategies, from building a client-centric website to optimizing content for voice search, utilizing AI for content generation, and staying visible in search results. Law firms can leverage the power of AI, sponsor local events, and engage with charitable causes to enhance their community presence.

With the right mix of strategies, legal professionals can effectively reach their target audience, establish trust and credibility, and ultimately grow their client base. It’s imperative to upgrade your law firm marketing strategy to stay ahead in the dynamic legal landscape! Connect with Constellation today for a free consultation.

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