Patrick Carver - CEO

Patrick Carver

Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Carver is a law firm marketing expert with 23 years of experience, successfully helping hundreds of law firms grow their profits. He is the CEO of Constellation Marketing, a multi-million dollar, award-winning law marketing agency that is one of the fastest-growing law firm marketing firms in the United States. He is a national champion debater and two-time collegiate all-American soccer player.

It all started when Patrick’s father, a prominent criminal defense lawyer, needed help marketing his practice. After hearing about his father’s experiences with charlatans and snake oil salesmen, he knew he could do better and with more integrity. The results were great, and soon after, friends and colleagues began seeking his help. This began his quest to help law firm owners achieve their financial goals through transparent, sustainable marketing strategies. Constellation has grown to support 100+ solo and small law firms, generating over 50 million dollars for clients.

He is from Missouri but lives in Atlanta with his wife, son, two cats, and a dog. He loves tacos, too.