Bilingual SEO: Making the Most of a Huge Opportunity

Jan 27, 2022

Patrick Carver

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For the past few years, we’ve dedicated resources to offering true bilingual SEO for our Spanish-speaking attorneys and studied the results.

What we’ve found is pretty incredible.

  • Competition for Spanish keywords is substantially lower
  • It’s much easier to rank for high-value keywords – you can get to the top of Google sooner
  • There’s a higher conversion ratio on Spanish-language pages

Bilingual SEO presents a huge opportunity for all law firms, but specifically immigration firms. 

There is a huge market for Spanish-speaking attorneys in the United States that is not currently being serviced…but our clients are quickly filling that gap.



Not only is it easier to rank for high-value keywords in Spanish, we’ve learned that these users convert at a higher ratio.


Bilingual SEO firm A statistics

Our client saw a 7.4% conversion rate on Spanish pages – more than 2x the rate on their English pages!

Bilingual SEO firm B statistics

Again – an almost 8% conversion rate on Spanish pages for another client! 


The process on our end is straightforward: everything we do for our English-language content, we do for Spanish content. Specific Spanish keyword research, optimized content creation, re-optimization of that content as time passes…the whole nine yards.

If you think you can simply set up a Google Translate app on your site and reap the benefits, think again. Spanish content on your site needs to have its own ‘home’ as a dedicated page, and Spanish keyword research is essential in order for a bilingual strategy to be effective.



  1. There is massive opportunity in bilingual SEO for Spanish-speaking firms, especially in the immigration space.
  2. With less competition for keywords and higher (to the tune of 2x!) lead conversion rates, it’s a no-brainer.
  3. If your firm has bilingual staff, start exploring the bilingual SEO game NOW to maximize this opportunity.

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