What is included in the “SEO” portion of my marketing strategy?

Each level of our marketing program includes an SEO package. But what does that mean, what type of SEO work are we doing on a continual basis?

All of our work is aimed at optimizing your presence on search engines, particularly Google.

This includes our monthly content and the work we do to build and optimize your website. “SEO” as listed in our product offerings, however, is made up of a few specific tasks: on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

On-page optimization consists of running a page on your site through a tool called Surfer in order to compare it against similar successful pages. We then make changes to your page based on this analysis — this could entail adding or subtracting word count, changing the keyword density, adding headings, and more.

We do this on a monthly basis with a focus on targeting high-value keywords that have yet to make it on the first page.

Off-page optimization is a broad term for link building. Since the start of Google’s algorithm, links have played a large role in ranking content. We utilize a variety of link building types and methods. Here are some of the most common you’ll see in our work:

Guest posts and link insertion both refer to ways of obtaining links back to your website from other quality websites, thus boosting your site’s “authority” in the eyes of Google. These are high-quality links, and we build two each month.

Citations refers to the creation of profiles for you or your firm on external sites like AVVO, Yelp, and others. We have a master list of these sites and add 25 citations each month. Again, this helps build your perceived “authority” for Google and other search engines.

Outstanding link building is a reference to links that have been built, but are not being ‘seen’ by Google. For links to count towards your overall authority, they need to be visible. Google’s crawlers are amazingly powerful, but they don’t catch everything.

Outstanding link building is our process to make sure you get credit for every single link that is pointing to your site. We identify links that have been built, but not crawled and indexed and apply a strategy to fix that. This process helps Google see the full picture and increase your visibility in search results.

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