Top 4 Tips for Profitable Lawyer Advertising in 2021

Jan 11, 2020

Patrick Carver

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A vital part of running a legal firm is advertising to create awareness of its existence and find clients. Successful attorney advertising also helps you to increase brand visibility and stand out in the oversaturated legal market. However, getting started with attorney advertising can be daunting, especially for new legal firms.

Luckily, we outline four tips for profitable attorney advertising in 2021 to make the process less strenuous and more successful.

Choose the Right Channel

With numerous marketing channels today, choosing the right one is not easy. The right channel can be the difference between your practice’s success and failure. When picking a channel, ask yourself these three questions. Who are your customers? Where can you find them? What is the best channel to reach them?

We believe that Google Ads is the premier channel for lawyers to advertise. With nearly four billion users, Google is the most popular search engine. Google Ads reach up to 90% of internet users and generate a 200% ROI. The biggest asset of Google Ads is that they show up right at the point when someone is looking for your services. You can also monitor your ads’ progress to gain valuable insights into what is working and what is not.

Other channels like Facebook can provide some value but are not as productive as Google Ads. Nevertheless, Facebook can help you engage with potential clients and communicate with the communities you serve. Also, it can be a great platform to establish trust, manage reputation, and establish thought leadership in your industry. Do not even think about other passive advertising channels like print, TV, and billboards.

Get Laser-focused on your Target Market

Attorneys tend to drift towards specific niches depending on the cases they want and their size. Some attorneys specialize in high-settlement truck accidents, while others prefer disability claims and daily slips and falls. The key to any successful ad campaign for lawyers is knowing exactly who you are trying to reach.

For instance, even if a lawyer practices personal injury law, running ads for ‘Personal Injury Lawyer in CITY’ may be too broad. You are better off using a specific case-type within the category. It can be ‘Auto Accidents Lawyer in Georgia,’ ‘Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Florida’ or ‘Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Colorado.’

It is best practice to spend time identifying the best areas where your ads should show. You can target down to the zip code, making it easier to find the right type of clients. Consider using negative keywords to ensure that Google is not wasting your ad dollars on expensive clients that don’t meet your business goals.

Use Landing Pages

A landing page is a website page for a specific marketing campaign aiming to convert site visitors to leads. Typically, it provides something a visitor may be interested in, such as an e-book or case study, in exchange for contact data. The contact information helps businesses nurture leads and drive them down the purchasing funnel.

According to HubSpot, landing pages have higher conversion rates than regular website pages. They deliver an average conversion rate of 9.7%, meaning that you get many leads to nurture into paying customers. A landing page boosts conversions by inspiring specific actions and getting rid of distractions.

Profitable attorney advertising leverages landing pages. Specialization is the key to turning clicks into customers. When a visitor clicks on an ad, they want an expert at exactly what they typed in. As such, keep a tight handle on the information you provide here, or the consumer will drop off thinking they haven’t found the right person.

For instance, if someone clicked on an ad that says, ‘book a consultation with an auto accident lawyer today,’ it is obvious what they are interested in. Directing this person to your website’s home page is not ideal. They may be distracted by other services you provide or may want to explore your ‘About Us.’

While all these are valuable actions, they don’t push the visitor towards the consultation. Rather than send a visitor to your home page and hope they will find what they are looking for, send him to a landing page customized to the ad campaign. It should have the same language, value proposition, and call-to-action as your ad.

Build a Tight Funnel

A marketing funnel is a model showing the customer journey from the awareness stage – when the customer learns about your practice to the purchase stage – when he purchases your service. It helps you identify what you can do to influence prospects at certain phases in the buyer journey until they convert into customers.

In a nutshell, you don’t want to spend money on clicks and a marketing provider if you don’t set yourself to convert the leads. It would be best if you had a comprehensive strategy for following-up and converting leads. This approach should include immediately calling the lead, leaving a message, trying another avenue like email if they don’t pick up, and following up again the next day and the day after. Do not forget to include materials highlighting your firm’s benefits and ‘social proof’ –reviews from other clients.

Generally speaking, lawyers are not salespeople, and that’s okay. But, you need to put your salesperson hat on when it comes to converting leads. Sales often happen after multiple touchpoints; don’t be afraid to follow-up. Remember that it’s not always a linear path from interested prospect to great client. Stay focused on converting the maximum number of people by giving them multiple opportunities to come aboard.

Tracking Conversions

Conversions can be defined in two different ways: In the most literal sense, it is when a Lead converts to become a Client. From an advertising perspective, it is when a Prospect becomes a Lead. Considering the latter, it is ideal to target the most high-quality prospects, convert them into Leads, which should then yield high-value Clients. Conversion Tracking plays a vital role in determining your ROI.

First and foremost, determine what constitutes a Conversion for your organization. For most law firms, this is a phone call. However, there could be alternative contact touchpoints, such as form submissions, and chat or text features you decide to leverage.

Second, proper setup and configuration of tracking is essential. Every channel and medium has many methods of accomplishing this. When choosing a legal marketing agency, it is important to clearly establish what your Conversion goals are. It is equally important to expect an expert approach and execution with respect to your Conversion tracking.

Finally – reporting. You should know where your Conversions are coming from. How many were attributed to organic SEO? How many from Paid Ads? Of those, how many were phone calls vs. form submissions? Many legal firms are content with top-level, noteworthy statistics, while others expect a more in-depth level of transparency. Depending on your needs and key performance indicators (KPIs), this data will better help you measure your overall ROI.


While law school never teaches the art and science of advertising, it is an essential part of running a successful and profitable law firm. Advertising attracts clients to your practice, improves ROI, increases competitiveness, and enhances credibility. Choosing the right advertising channel, knowing your target audience, using landing pages, and building a tight funnel are vital elements in profitable attorney advertising.

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