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Free review generation software for solo and small law firms!

Review Software for Lawyers
Review Software for Lawyers

Free Automated Review Software for Lawyer Reviews

Easily Add More 5-Star Reviews

Acquire more reviews with our set and forget system. Don’t waste time chasing down clients, let our automation do the work for you!

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Get a chance to address client concerns before they go public. Control the process and protect your reputation effortlessly.

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Reviews have been proven to increase conversions. Don’t miss your chance to show your value to potential clients.

CEO, Patrick Carver

“Traditional review software was too expensive, so we built our own solution for our law firms clients. We’re pleased to offer it for FREE to other solo and small firm attorneys who want to grow their revenue!”

Free Review Software Built for Law Firms

It’s always been an awkward and time-consuming process to request reviews for your law firm, but not any more! Take advantage of a proven method that automatically follows up with your clients and wins more 5-star reviews.



Add Clients Once

Add clients to our tool once and our software takes over.


Emails Delivered

Clients receive a series of messages with a polite request to leave a review.


More Reviews

Focus on your firm and get more reviews while you sleep.

Get More 5-Star Reviews With Our Automated Review Generation System

How it Works

Verdict Reviews is a simple but powerful email automation tool for law firms who want to generate more reviews. Simply add your contacts and our proven drip email sequences will do the rest! Acquire more reviews without the hassle of begging old clients.

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reputation software for lawyers

Don’t Miss These Benefits!

  • Win business from your competitors with more 5-star reviews
  • Run sophisticated campaigns in seconds with no tech-knowledge needed
  • Increase your Google rankings and connect with more clients

It’s Free, But What’s the Catch?

So, we’re actually a marketing company for law firms who happened to build some awesome software. If you’re open to hearing about cutting-edge marketing strategies that can help you double your firm’s revenue, you’ll never have to pay for the tool.

We also offer a VERY affordable paid plan with unlimited campaign capabilities.

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Jameel Manji

“Simply put, hiring Constellation Marketing was the BEST business decision I have made since opening my law firm. 100% recommended.”       

Jameel Manji

Manji Law, P.C.

Paul Black

“Thanks to Constellation’s expertise and execution, I have seen a substantial increase in the number of leads coming into my law practice.”

Paul Black

The Law Office of Paul Black

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Kimberly J. Benjamin

Missouri DWI & Criminal Law Center

Gain More Reviews for FREE

We’ve helped our clients earn hundreds of 5-Star reviews with our simple and highly effective software that any attorney can use to dominate their competition.

Getting more 5-Star reviews isn’t rocket science, but they don’t just happen on their own. Take advantage of our proven tool that we’ve used to elevate our client’s reputation and become the dominant player in their market.

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