Referral Program

Never pay for marketing again!
We’ve delivered over

$50k in Referral Discounts

3 easy steps

Step 1

Introduce Constellation to your colleagues via email, social posts, or in-person. 

Step 2

We’ll handle all follow-up and communication. 

Step 3

If they become a client, your discount will equal 50% of your connection’s first invoice.

We also offer pop-up rewards each month, be on the lookout!


Sweeten the deal for your colleagues by gifting a $500 discount on our services.

Use the options below to share this offer via email or as a social post. 

Share discount via email

Complete below and your colleague will receive a $500 discount voucher.

Share discount on social media

Click to share and anyone who engages with the post will receive a $500 discount voucher.


How does the referral program work?

Use the form or buttons above to share the $500 discount via email or on social media.

Each of your connections who accepts the offer and becomes a client will receive $500 off of their first invoice.

AND – you’ll receive a discount on your next invoice for each connection who accepts. Your discount will equal 50% of your connection’s first invoice. (Yes, this could mean you get a free month or more, depending on how many qualified referrals you make and how much their monthly fees are!)

Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?

Nope! Refer as many people as you like. We’ve given away MONTHS of free services to clients who’ve referred multiple new folks. Stack up those discounts!

What is the timeframe for the referral program?

Our standard referral program is ALWAYS ON! That means you can refer a friend anytime and get a discount on your upcoming invoices. 

We also run special monthly “pop-up rewards” for referrals — Pay attention to our emails to learn more about those!

Can I share this with my Bar Association or other legal organization?

Sure, but we’re also happy to come up with custom offerings for legal groups. Reach out to Patrick to learn more.

What is your policy on working with my competition?

As our client, you’re our priority — so we’ll ask your preference if the situation arises. If someone has a similar or complementary practice to yours and you’re OK with it, we’d be glad to work with them. But if you say no, that’s that.We never work with more than two attorneys in the same practice area and market.

Consistently Generate More Cases

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