Your Guide to Constellation Marketing’s Essential Social Media

Constellation’s Essential Social Media package is a valuable tool for not only building trust and engaging with your audience, but also driving traffic back to your website.

We focus on Facebook and Google Business Profile to reach a broad and local audience.

Your followers will see eight carefully curated and timed posts per month for optimal engagement. This includes:

  • Site Posts: Four posts per month driving traffic to your website with informative content, boosting your site’s visibility on Google.
  • Client Reviews: The remaining four monthly posts feature client testimonials beautifully framed with on-brand visuals, enhancing trust and credibility.

Our graphic designers create customized templates matching your branding and preferences, ensuring your posts look as good as they read.

Your social media posts will be scheduled and distributed for optimal engagement with your audience. When applicable, posts are scheduled as “evergreen” so that they can be reused in the future.

Our Process and Timeline

In order to get started with your Essential Social Media package, we’ll need just a few inputs from you:

With these items in place, we can typically

begin posting in the first month of your time with Constellation.

Our Content Team creates posts each month, and each is reviewed by a legal editor to ensure accuracy and compliance with legal norms.

We look at Google Business, Facebook, Yelp, AVVO, and other online sources to gather your most recent and best reviews for use in our client review posts. These posts are anonymized to protect your clients’ privacy.

Measuring Success

Social media may not seal the deal, but it’s a key checkpoint in a potential client’s journey. It’s where they assess if you’re a genuine, involved legal expert. Your online engagement builds trust and familiarity, nudging them closer to picking up the phone.

That being said, although we track leads from our Essential Social Media service just like our other campaigns, we typically expect to see improved brand visibility and engagement rather than a huge influx of new clients from social.

Because we promote your latest helpful legal website content on social media, you should also experience increased website traffic — which does lead to more conversion opportunities.

It’s Important to Know

  • Timely access to your social media accounts is crucial for kicking off our Essential Social Media Service!
  • We prioritize safeguarding your clients’ private information when sharing reviews on social media. All names and identifying information will be removed.
  • If you have our Bilingual SEO service and would like bilingual social media posts, just let us know! Our default is English-only for the Essential Social Media service, but we’re happy to integrate a second language.
  • We want to hear your input! If you have special announcements, photos, or other firm news to integrate into your social media, just let us know via a support ticket.

Why Trust Us

Constellation’s Essential Social Media service is spearheaded by our Director of Content, who has a proven track record of managing content teams in a fast-paced agency environment, upholding high-quality editorial standards, and driving outstanding results.

Her expertise extends beyond content creation to include content strategy, team management, and the implementation of training programs to ensure content quality.

We leverage high-quality legal content to craft engaging social media copy, and a legal editor ensures correctness, up-to-dateness, and engagement potential.

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