11,000% Increase in Traffic in under six months for the Missouri DWI Criminal Law Center.

Missouri DWI & Criminal Law Center

11,000% increase

Missouri DWI Criminal Law Centernow has nearly 1,500 visitors per month.

Starting Point

The Missouri DWI Criminal Law Center is a new brand for an established firm. Tied down to an expensive and underperforming service from FindLaw, their website barely registered any organic users. Constellation Marketing came to the table with a new plan and aggressively launched their campaign.


“I highly recommend Patrick and his team at Constellation Marketing. You will receive personal attention and they are fast at what they do also. They don’t give you meaningless information and reports, but instead give you valuable information about your marketing efforts. They understand how to monitor your marketing campaigns and help you stay on top of your ROI.”

Kimberly J. Benjamin,
Missouri DWI & Criminal Law Center


In six months, the website has been transformed into a highly visible, traffic-generating machine. During this initial six month period, first page rankings grew by over 6,000% to 193. Importantly, organic search traffic also grew in a similar fashion, improving by over 11,000% to nearly 1,500 visitors every single month.

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