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Oct 27, 2021

Patrick Carver

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Upgrade Your Content and Upgrade Your Revenue

We studied what happens when a law firm reinvests in their SEO campaign, moving from our Baseline to Advanced plan. The results are compelling!

  • 43% increase in leads on average!
  • Estimated $16,400 in new revenue per client!
  • $10,400 profit, a 173% return on investment!

We set out to build on these clients’ SEO campaigns by increasing the quantity of keyword-optimized content published each month.

This adjustment gives our team the ability to do more optimization work, cover topics more comprehensively, and extend our work to more keyword targets.


We evaluated five clients who wanted to grow quicker and reinvested in the Advanced plan. We looked at their lead performance for a minimum of five months prior to the switch, then compared that with their performance during the equivalent period after upgrading.

Within as little as two months, we were seeing major results from doubling the amount of website content published.

Here are the results: 

  • 43% increase in leads on average!
  • Estimated $16,400 in new revenue per client
  • $10,400 profit, a 173% return on investment!




Our study proves more content = more clients

* We used a 10% conversion rate to make the calculation
* Average case value is estimated at $2,000 based on client feedback

“Since we started working with Constellation, our revenue has grown by over 350%”


This criminal and personal injury firm was seeing consistent results. But they were ready for more growth, and we wanted to deliver it.

This firm in a highly-competitive, cosmopolitan market has increased revenue by over 300%.

Investing in Law Firm SEO

Here’s another example of a criminal defense firm that was steadily gaining traction, but ready to double down on that investment.

Investing in Law Firm SEO



  1. If your website is getting traction, consider reinvesting.
  2. Don’t spray and pray! Having a smart content expansion plan is the key to meaningful growth
  3. Don’t be afraid to invest if the ROI math checks out!



Patrick Carver

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