Over 800 organic keywords

“Philip Kim Law ranks for over 800 organic keywords, which has brought a steady stream of high-quality clients to his criminal defense practice.”
Manji Law
Manji Law P.C. now ranks for over 283 first page keywords on Google.

Starting Point

Prior to working with Constellation, DUI and criminal defense law firm Philip Kim Law had been working with a large marketing company. Despite this, they had received an average of only five new cases per month, gaining no real online visibility for their law firm in a highly-competitive market.


“The revenue growth has been substantial, it’s increased over 435% since we started working with Constellation.”

Philip Kim,
Philip Kim Law


Now, after turning to Constellation for their digital marketing needs, Philip Kim Law acquires an average of 14 new criminal cases each month. They have become the go-to firm for DUI defense in their area, which now allows Philip Kim to focus on growing his firm instead of where his next case will come from.
manji law one year results

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