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Case Studies

162% Increase in Organic Search Traffic

When we took over for our client, organic traffic growth had flatlined. By overhauling the website with enhanced content and new page development, traffic from search has continued to trend positively. Targeted email marketing brought new traffic as part of a referral campaign. As a result, nearly 7,000 new, unique users have been introduced to the firm. Traffic continues to grow to nearly 2,000 unique users per month. Accordingly, the number of qualified leads has increased as well. Organic search now commands 75% of all traffic and accounts for 61% of all leads.

New Unique Visitors

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Monthly Growth Rate

200% Increase in Monthly Lead Volume

Our client’s average lead volume teetered around 10 per month from their website. Through a combination of organic traffic growth, email marketing and conversion optimization, their results have improved dramatically. Now, the business enjoys regular volume in excess of 50 leads per month on average. Most importantly, the quality of leads has improved as well. Big gains were made improving the conversion ratio of the standard pages in addition to developing keyword-focused landing pages that pull in their ideal clients directly from Google Search.


Leads: Monthly Growth Rate


Percentage of Leads from Search Traffic

Lead Count: Last 60 Days

From Brand Terms to Money Terms

Our client was paying a handsome fee to one of the top legal marketing companies, but only seeing first page results for their own firm name. We wanted to change that and give them visibility with the most profitable keyword searches that were going to other lawyers in the area. We focused on content development, link building and technical optimization to achieve their goals. In an under a year, the firm is now visible for over 1.8k keywords with 63 first page positions and increasing. More importantly, the traffic is targeted and generating highly-profitable leads.

First Page Keywords

Total Keywords

Money Keywords

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